Most Popular Real Estate Tips from 100 Episodes

Most Downloaded Tips from Rev Real Estate School

Top Tips in 100 Episodes of Rev Real Estate School

After 100 episodes of Rev Real Estate School, there are four clear winners when it comes to the most popular trips and tricks for real estate agents. These four episodes were downloaded more than any other lessons in our first 100 episodes of Rev Real Estate School. There are tips on becoming a regular, email marketing, questions for leads, and how to make $100,000 in real estate!

In this real estate agent training podcast, we look back at the top lessons.

Links to each episode is below

How To Become a Regular

Email Marketing Hacks for Realtors

The Best Questions for Real Estate Leads

How To Make $100,000 in Real Estate (When You Don’t Know Anyone)

In Celebration of Episode 100

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    Podcast Transcript

     [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

     [00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we're on episode number one hundred we've made it 100 episodes and we're going to have a little fun on this lesson. We're going to talk about the most popular episodes over the course the last 100 episodes so we're gonna dive into a few of the tips and tricks that people liked most.

     [00:00:33] So this is based on downloads so those episodes that received the most downloads were going to go into some details about what made those episodes very popular. And of course we're going to unpack some of the ideas in there. So we have four episodes that we're going to dive into. But in normal Rev Real Estate School fashion we're gonna make it quick and actionable so we'll go in reverse order.

     [00:00:55] So number four. The fourth most downloaded episode was all about how you can become a regular. Now it makes sense that this one would be popular. These are things that we're doing every single day anyways so why not do them at a location that we want to continue to go to and end up building our real estate business from that. So that's becoming a regular at a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, even at a park and gym, yoga, studio a shop anywhere like that. Things that we do on a regular basis in real estate. We should start to become a little bit more familiar to those that are around us. So a few quick tips on how you can become a regular. We'll link up this episode in the show notes so you can quickly go and have a listen to it if you'd like. But let's just pull out some of the most important points.

     [00:01:42] First off is make sure that you get to know the staff. The staff is the real trick to becoming a regular the staff and I guess just showing up that consistency is also quite important. But the staff is where you really start to form those bonds have those conversations and then they introduce you to other people that are regulars and they start to recognize you. So a lot of this comes down to how you're presenting yourself. So you want to dressed well you want to make eye contact. You want to get to know them by name. These are all really important things you want to present yourself very well because you want to be known as the real estate agent at that restaurant or that coffee shop that bar the dog park whatever it might be.

     [00:02:24] The other thing is just try to not be that annoying person that's hanging over the staff and when they're trying to work you're trying to talk to them. You want to make it a little bit more natural and let your consistency do a lot of the talking for you. So as you start to show up on a consistent basis let that be the conversation in itself.

     [00:02:42] Number three was email marketing hacks. This one I think is very important because email marketing is such a key to how we can stay in touch with our database. And in this day and age it's true that our database doesn't always want us to call them. We do need to stay in touch that is part of our job. We should be calling them and texting them. But we also have to stay in touch with them with different methods and email marketing is one of the best ways to do it even if they don't open up your email. Just seeing your name in their inbox and even if they're just going through their promotions tab and they end up deleting your email just seeing your name is enough for them to have that familiarity and recognize you.

     [00:03:21] So let's talk about a couple of quick hacks that are working well in the email marketing world. First off is Reese sending to unopens. So if you send out an important e-mail now you don't want to do this to every single one of the e-mails that you send out because it can be a little overkill. But if you send out an important e-mail maybe an event invite or something like that or maybe your annual real estate updates. If you're sending that out why not re send it to those that do not open the email. So most email marketing providers will have the option to respond to and opens MailChimp. Has this all the other ones have it what you do is you end up sending it back to those people that didn't actually open it. Usually you'll end up getting a few more open so get a few more people interacting with it again. You want to use that with caution because you don't want to be re sending all of your e-mails because sometimes people are deleting it. They're seeing your name but they are deleting it just because they don't have the time to read it. If they see the exact same email come in a few minutes later. Well it can be a little bit of a tricky situation.

     [00:04:21] The next hack that I think is working very well with email marketing is using the P.S. or the P.P.S. So at the very end of your email people that are just skimmers and I'm one of these people that just skim an email they quickly look to the bottom and they look under what is this all about. And then when there's a P.S. or a P.S. at the bottom where it has a call to action you can get a lot of people clicking on this especially skimmers so don't waste this opportunity to draw people back to your Web site or to use a call to action at the very end of your email marketing campaign.

     [00:04:55] Now on to number two. So the second most popular the most downloaded episode of The First 100 episodes this one is titled The best questions to ask real estate leads. And I kind of thought this one would come up because there are some amazing questions that you can asking your real estate leads in order to really get the information that you need out of them. Let's jump into what these questions are and they're all quite strategic. You'll see this as we move forward.

     [00:05:21] The first one is what's your plan B if you don't find what you're looking for (Or if you don't sell your home). This question uncovers motivation. It's extremely powerful to know what their plan B is. If something doesn't work out. If they do not have a plan B then motivation level is very high. If Plan B is very quick and comes to them very easily then motivation level could be a little bit lower. That doesn't necessarily mean you don't work with them but it just showcases where their motivation lies.

     [00:05:49] The next question is, "What are you looking for in a real estate agent". And after you ask the question, make sure you don't say anything let them talk because what they're about to tell you is exactly how they want to be treated and exactly what they're looking for in representation. Certain people are going to say responsiveness some are going to say unique marketing someone is just going to say somebody that I can get along with. So this is one of the most powerful questions because you know exactly what they're looking for and it's also a question that they will not get asked by other realtors. So this is a very powerful one.

     [00:06:20] The next question is, "what parts of the buying or selling process are least clear?" This question is powerful because it's going to uncover those things that they do not understand. Oftentimes they're just going to go back to things that they understand and I want to talk more about looking at homes and that sort of thing but they're not gonna want to talk about a contracts and some of these things that are very important. So the least clear question can really help with that.

     [00:06:43] The next question is asking them if they've bought or sold before and how did the process go. If the answer is yes they have bought or sold before. You do want to know why it is they're not using their previous realtor. What happened during that transaction. So by asking this question you'll usually find out certain things that others did that they did not care for. So maybe there you'll hear that the realtor didn't negotiate that well or something along those lines. That's where you write that down because you know you're going to have to really take care of them on that front. The fifth question and there's two different versions of this depending if you're working with a buyer or seller on the buying side you ask them what are they most looking forward to about getting into a new home on the selling side. You say What do you love most about your current house. These last questions just put a big smile on their face. It gets them excited about the process. It gets them excited about working with you and all together. You've now uncovered what it is they're looking for what they're looking for in an agent and at the end of it you've made them happy and excited to start the process with you. Very very powerful questions. And now onto the most downloaded episode of The First 100 episodes. This one is how you can easily make one hundred thousand dollars in real estate even when you don't know anybody. This one was a fun one to record and I think it rings home for a lot of people. That number one hundred thousand is something that a lot of us when we're first getting into the industry we're shooting for. We're shooting for that number. It's a very common number. And then knowing that you can do this even when you don't know anybody is a very very powerful idea. And in this episode we break down exactly what you need to do and how many people you need to meet every single day in order to get to that number. And we can quickly break it down right now. So again this episode will be linked up in the show notes so you can go and listen to it in detail and you can also download our business plan which will walk you through this as well. But what we're looking at is we're looking at how many people we need to have in our database in order to reach that number and the number that we have is 100 people that we're in touch with and that we know very well in our database in order to reach that number. But here's the thing is if we don't know anybody and that number is zero then how many people do we need to meet. Well what we see is for every 25 people that you meet approximately one will enter your database. So if you don't know anybody and you want to make an annual gross commission of 100 thousand and you work five days a week then you need to meet 10 new people every day. If you work six days a week you need to only meet eight point three new people every day. So you can see when you break it down into manageable chunks or reverse engineer it is what we call it when you reverse engineer it down to what you need to do on a daily basis. It becomes quite doable and all you have to do is get out there and start meeting new people adding them to your database and you can achieve that number.

     [00:09:39] So there you go those are the top downloaded episodes for the first 100 lessons that we have done. Now if you have been listening you know that we have some giveaways that are going on for episode number 100 so all you have to do is go to the show notes for this episode enter your name and you were entered into a drawer to win Amazon gift cards. We have a handful of Amazon gift cards that we're going to be giving away so all I do is go to the show notes add your name and you'll be entered to win. Now if you're listing those down the road unfortunately it probably has already passed. But if you're a this within about a week or so then you should still be good. Thank you so much for listening.

     [00:10:15] This episode and we'll see you in the next lesson this episode of Rev real estate school has come to a close. Thank you for tuning in. We'll see you back here. Lesson.