About Us

When I started out in real estate I struggled. Like, bad! After my first year of real estate I decided this career wasn’t for me, so I hung up my licence and went to get a job. Apparently, working a 9 to 5 also wasn’t so I thought I would take another kick at the can in real estate.

This time around, things changed. My wife and I formed a small team and we started to see consistent growth. We had a few sales under our belt, but it wasn’t total smooth sailing. Year over year we tested everything and made almost every mistake in the books. We spent too much on marketing campaigns, dabbled in geographic farming, followed up with leads when it was convenient, missed prospecting time, and dropped the ball with consistency in digital advertising.

Through our challenges and testing every idea in the books, we did do one thing right: we learned! We formed systems that started to created predicable revenue. Based on our efforts, we could correlated the number of daily conversations to our income. We followed a plan formed out of experience and wisdom from those that came before us and we began to produce at a high level while enjoying the lifestyle that we created for ourselves.

Rev Real Estate School is for those that believe they can produce at a high level while enjoying life.

Michael and Willemina Montgomery owner Renzo Real Estate, a dynamic real estate brokerage in Calgary, Canada.

Instagram: @the.michael.montgomery

What’s Michael about?


Hobbies: Motorcycles, Fitness, Vinyl Records


Favourite Country: Italy


School: University of Alberta


Cell Phone: Android


Food: Ice Cream


Brew: Americano with Cream