How To Become a Regular

Building Your Network Through Becoming a Regular at a Bar, Coffee Shop, Park, or Gym

How To Become a Regular as a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a regular at a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, park, gym, yoga studio, or shop can do wonders for your real estate business. Many new real estate agents seek out various lead generating methods, however, they can overlook the most important lead generating strategy of all: building relationships with those in your community. One way you can start building relationships is through becoming a regular at a spot in your community.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn how to become a regular.

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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more rules in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:10] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we are talking about becoming a regular and the power of this concept as a real estate agent.

[00:00:23] So first off a quick story. There's an agent in by market and she's doing great business right now we're talking 40 to 50 transactions a year very very comfortable business. But when she started out she almost got out of the industry after her second year because she was doing almost no transactions. After her second year she got a mentor and her mentor told her that it would be worth her time to just become a regular at a coffee shop or a bar or a restaurant. So she took that to heart and she decided to do it. She thought you know what, there's nothing left to lose at this point I might as well try it. She became a regular at one of her local coffee shops and she would show up everyday at 10 a.m. she would have coffee she would get to know some of the staff. And before she knew it she was starting to do transactions. She was starting to do transactions with people that were at the coffee shop. Now interestingly enough this coffee shop was somewhat on the edge of town and there was a lot of retired people that end up coming for coffee around that time so she met a ton of retired people and started to sell their acreage is and helped them get into downsizing homes and downsizing into condos and this sort of things. And this is where her business really started to take off. It was so powerful and she still does it to this day every single day at 10 a.m. she goes to this coffee shop she meets and chats with the people that are there and she does business from there every single here. This is the power of becoming a regular. And this is something that she would do every single day either way she'd probably go grab a coffee. But instead what she's doing is she's being methodical and she's being thoughtful about where she is going for coffee and it's led to a ton of business and repeat business that continues to happen.

[00:02:11] So let's chat about becoming a regular and how you can do this now typically when people think of becoming a regular they're thinking of a restaurant or a bar and that's great. These are great options especially if you go for lunch a lot if you meet clients a lot when you're out for lunch or if you go for happy hours and that sort of thing a bar can be a great great fit but just like we heard at the start you can also choose say a coffee shop in the morning. You can also choose your gym, your yoga studio, the dog park can even markets and shops, or places you go for clothes. Everyday sort of stuff and things that you do on a consistent basis. And it's a lot more than just showing up regularly at this place in order to actually become a regular.

[00:02:58] Let's talk about how you can become a regular at everyday locations. First off. Consistency. Now this seems to go without saying but it's more so like we said than just showing up regularly. If you're at a coffee shop a restaurant a bar these sort of things. Consistency is showing up at the same time it's sitting in likely the same spot if not a very similar spot and it's getting very familiar with your order if you're ordering something. If you're at the dog park then you're going at the same time you're probably at the same area of the dog park. Same thing with the market or if you're going to a yoga studio you're going to the same yoga class right. You're showing up at the same time. You might even have your same spot if you're in a yoga class or if you're in a spin class or something like that. So when you're planning out to become a regular again we want to be thoughtful about it and we want to use consistency in everything that we do. This makes you memorable to the staff and to other people that are showing up at the location.

[00:04:00] Next we want to dress well ultimately you do want to be doing business from becoming a regular. Now you want to dress well because you want to give off the impression that you are a professional person. Now depending on where you're at this can mean a few different things of course if you're going to the dog park you're probably not going to be completely dressed up right. But dressing casually but still nice so that you're giving off the impression that you are a professional. This is very important because people do whether we like it or not they will have snap judgments of us and if we portray ourselves well then we have a higher likelihood of doing business with these people.

[00:04:39] Next is learn first name. So you want to learn the first names of the staff you want to on a first name basis. And this goes one step further into eye contact. Now what do I mean by eye contact. So if you've ever worked in a restaurant or a coffee shop I worked in both of these establishments when I was in university you'll find her you'll remember that people sometimes do not pay so much attention to the individual who is serving them. And I would remember people that made eye contact that remembered my name for sure but just in eye contact and showing people that you're connecting with them goes a really long way to help you become memorable so get to know the staffs first name if they're wearing a name tag it's so much easier to say thank you name for my coffee. Plus do so with some eye contact and after a few visits if you haven't got their name yet. Make sure you ask for it because this will really help you becoming a regular at an establishment.

[00:05:41] Next if it's at an establishment where they do accept tips then you don't want to be known as the person that doesn't tip very well. So that's not to say you have to hand them over your whole wallet every single time you go for a coffee but just make sure that you're tipping well because we all know how important tipping is in the service industry.

[00:06:00] Next you do want to start engaging with the staff but you don't want to do so in an annoying way. If you're making a lunch spot your go to spot as a regular then you probably don't want to bug the staff too much during their lunch rush. Maybe when they're bringing your bill or something like that you can start up a little bit more of a conversation. But bugging them during a really busy time is also not a very smart thing off the bat though when you're just trying to get used to a place just like your consistency almost start to do the talking for you. So instead of engaging them and starting to get into life stories and really long conversations and compromising their time off the start let your consistency do the talking so they start to recognize you and then they become a little bit more comfortable with you being a regular. And then from there you can start asking them questions and start engaging them and having a conversation.

[00:06:51] So you'll notice that we didn't talk a lot about meeting other people at these places. We talked a lot about staff and that's because staff are an easy and great way to start becoming a regular. They oftentimes can introduce you to other staff and other regulars that are already at that location. And as time goes on you're going to start to recognize other people that are there as well. And since you're sitting in a similar spot and you're there at a similar time other regulars and you will naturally start to have conversations. But the first step is just to show a level of consistency. Now a coffee shop works very very well for this because we can get some work done as well so you can go order your coffee bring your computer sit in the same spot dress well and eventually you just start to become a regular. And business will start to flow from that. Now you know if you've been following the podcast or reading any of my articles that the relationships side of real estate will absolutely transform your business not only in a financial way but also in an enjoyment way. You'll really start to enjoy the business you're doing when you're working with people that you really really like. So becoming a regular is a great way to meet new people form relationships and build your business.

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