The Best Questions to Ask Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Lead Qualification Questions

The Best Questions to Ask Real Estate Leads

In real estate, most training is around script training and objection handling. These concepts are very important for real estate agents, but oftentimes, the questions we ask are the key to connecting with leads. If you ask the right questions, you find out so much about the lead, what their needs are, and you begin to understand their motivation. Real estate leads need to feel heard and they can pick up instantly on any feelings of insincerity. Asking the right questions is truly one of the keys that every real estate agent needs to know to sell more homes and connect with more people.

One of the most powerful concepts in the psychology of human conversation is the person that talks the most, usually thinks the conversation went best.

The person that talks the most, usually thinks the conversation went best

How profound is this? If you want the lead to think the conversation went well, then you simply need them to get talking more than you.

Simple in theory but this can be a challenge in practice. Without the best questions to ask real estate leads, you could be stuck asking close ended forgettable questions and feel like you are spinning your tires with the leads.

Questions To Ask Real Estate Leads

Whether it is an online lead, a referral, or a past client, you should always have a plan to your conversation. This doesn’t mean you need to follow a script exactly but you should have a list of questions to ask as you move through the process.

The following questions are used to compliment your standard questions and the responses will tell you a lot about the lead, their needs/wants, and motivation.

The Best Questions for Leads

When dealing with a buyer, you will certainly be asking them directly about what they are looking for in a home. If you don’t have a buyer process guide, feel free to download a free copy, or read through the guide. In the guide, you will find all the questions you can ask a buyer when you are meeting with them, however, the best questions, are below.

When dealing with a potential seller, if you are looking for an example listing presentation, feel free to download our example listing presentation.

What is your plan “B” if you don’t find what you are looking for (or don’t sell your home)?

This question is very powerful and it highlights their motivation as a buyer or seller. If they respond with, “no problem, we will stay were we are at,” you may classify them as a buyer or seller with less motivation. If they respond with, “we better find a place or we will be without a house,” or “we need to move, we don’t have enough space,” you are probably dealing with a motivated lead.

This is not to say you should not spend time on the buyer that is less motivated. In my experience, the best approach is to still provide all your services and skill to the unmotivated buyers as they will buy in the future and they can be a source of referrals. Of course, you do need to be able to pick out the true tire kickers, but I would still recommend working with less motivated buyers, especially if you are early in your career.

On the selling side, you will need to make a decision on if the seller is motivated enough for you to invest the money and time in marketing. There are times when I take these listings but it’s usually only when I know that the seller does need to move or they are open to still listing in market value range.

What are you looking for in a real estate agent?

This question will be one of the most revealing questions you could ever ask in real estate. I can’t overstate the importance of this question. The lead will directly tell you what they are looking for in a REALTOR. Depending on their response, you can provide them with a tailored real estate experience that is sure to improve your chances at securing this client for life and earning their referrals.

The beauty of this question is you can ask it when you first connect with a lead, during the presentation, or while you are working with the client.

Make sure you write down every single word they say after you ask this question.

If they are looking for responsiveness, then be ready to text them back super-fast.

If they are looking for unique marketing, then use some different marketing techniques.

If they are looking for someone they like, then make small talk and conversation with them.

What parts of the buying/selling process are least clear?

This is a new spin on the basic question, “do you have any questions.” This question is close ended and too easy to just say, “no.” By reframing the question you are getting them to think about parts of the process that maybe they understand but just aren’t as clear.

When you ask this question, you will typically get questions that start with, “what happens if X.” This is your time to shine and display your knowledge about the process. Also, it’s important to record this so when you get to that stage, you are ready to walk them through it step by step.

Have you bought or sold before? How did it go?

If they are selling and you did not help them purchase the home, it is interesting to know why they are not using the same agent to sell the home. Maybe there were issues when they purchased the home or they weren’t happy about something. This question uncovers if they had a poor experience.

This goes for the buying side as well.

What are you most looking forward to about getting into a new house? (Buyer)

This is a fun question that gets them excited. It’s fun to end with this question as it leaves the lead with a good feeling about you and the process. It usually puts a quick smile on their face and they become excited.

It’s also a great question to gauge motivation again.

Note: if you know the move is not exciting for them, do not ask this question.

What do you love most about your current house? (Seller)

Sellers can be very tied to their homes. They may have put in work and they are proud of it. They may have also put down roots and know the community well. In asking this question you will give them the opportunity to proudly express their favorite features of the home.  


Those are the best questions that you can ask leads in real estate. They are strategic questions focused on getting the lead talking and not on just responding to close ended questions. You can use these questions with online leads, past clients, referrals and with current clients.

Most leads will be delighted to answer these questions as it will make them feel heard and it will differentiate you as a real estate agent.