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Zero Resistance FSBO Prospecting

There is a ton of information out there on how to get an FSBO to list with you. Working to build trust with a for sale by owner prospect takes skill and a FSBO prospecting plan. With this, you can make FSBO leads one of the largest sources of business for you as a REALTOR. The problem with most FSBO prospecting plans is they are too pushy and create resistance. These old school tactics may have worked in previous years, but leads respond much differently in our modern world and if you are not meeting the FSBO prospect with value, you have little chance at landing the listing.

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The Best Questions to Ask Real Estate Leads

In real estate, most training is around script training and objection handling. These concepts are very important for real estate agents, but oftentimes, the questions we ask are the key to connecting with leads. If you ask the right questions, you find out so much about the lead, what their needs are, and you begin to understand their motivation. Real estate leads need to feel heard and they can pick up instantly on any feelings of insincerity. Asking the right questions is truly one of the keys that every real estate agent needs to know to sell more homes and connect with more people.

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The Most Important Word in Sales

As a real estate agent, we need to understand the power of the words we use. We are constantly having conversations with leads, clients, and other real estate agents, but how effective are we being with the words we are choosing? Did you know, there is one word that has scientifically been proven to dramatically increase your persuasion? In this article, you will learn the one word that you can use in sales that will improve your chances of getting what you wan

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Getting Comfortable with Real Estate Scripts [5 Steps]

As a real estate agent, scripts and dialogues are guides to help you become a successful real estate agent. The concept of downloading a script and reading it seems easy until you start trying them. When we start role playing or we have a lead on the phone, one question can throw us off. Scripts and dialogues become a challenge, and they can feel unnatural when we are in the moment

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The Best Price Reduction Strategy for Real Estate Agents

Trying to find the best price reduction strategy as a real estate agent can be a challenge. Set yourself up for success with an email template and script to help your chances at securing a price reduction in real estate. Out of all the conversations you have with a client, price reductions can be one of the most challenging. Therefore, know you are not alone if you are shaking when dialing your seller's phone number.

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The Best Conversation Between a Real Estate Agent and Buyer

When you are working with a buyer, it can be endlessly frustrating when they just can’t find the right home. It isn’t just frustrating for the real estate agent, it is challenging for the client looking to buy a home.

Here, you will learn two powerful scripts and techniques that you can use to help the buyer along the process. These are best used at the time of an initial buyer consultation then again when you are not able to find what they are looking for, however, you can use it any point in the process.

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