Getting Comfortable with Real Estate Scripts [5 Steps]

The Best Tips for New Real Estate Agents Who Want To Use Scripts

Overcoming Fear of Cold Calling in Real Estate

As a real estate agent, scripts and dialogues are guides to help you become a successful real estate agent. The concept of downloading a script and reading it seems easy until you start trying them. When we start role playing or we have a lead on the phone, one question can throw us off; scripts and dialogues become a challenge, and they can feel unnatural when we are in the moment.

How can we help become more comfortable with scripts?

This post is in response to a question by a great agent, Christian Newton with Ideal Properties Group in New York.

“Hi Mike, I’m currently struggling with scripts. I have them but I don’t exactly know how to say them which is discouraging me from using them. Any advice?”

Christian hit the nail on the head with this question. Most agents have scripts to use; it’s just a matter of getting comfortable with them and allowing them to become more natural.

The Best Real Estate Script (SIMPLE)

If you don’t have scripts you like, you can download our full script package below. However, sometimes, the simplest scripts are the best.

Take all of the thinking away from the script and focus on what counts: following up!

Script Hack: If you want a very quick script that works wonders because it’s simplicity, try this:

1)      Call with a purpose (new listing in your area, how is your new house, I saw on Facebook you just got back from a vacation, a lead signs up on your website, they are a FSBO, they are an expired, anything)

2)      Ask them “is there anything I can do for you today?”

3)      Ask them if you can stay in touch

-Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up-

That’s it! This is the simplest script ever and it works well. No funnel, bait and switch, or whiz-bang tricks. It’s a quick and simple conversation that works as an introduction or a follow-up.

This works so well because most of the time, leads are not ready to do something right now. You don’t want to miss the opportunity if they are looking right now, but the power is in the follow up.

The power is in the follow up

If you don’t have scripts, you can download our full script package here

 When starting with scripts, there are four stages: you find them, you struggle through them, you build on them, and you rewrite them.

For this post, we are working through step 2 where you are struggling through scripts. This is a common place to be delayed.


Mindset is the most important part of step 2. The trouble is, mindset can be the most challenging elements to change. It’s completely natural to feel uncomfortable when you are working through a new script. Even if you are a seasoned real estate agent, a new script can throw you for a loop when you jump on the phone. So, understand that everyone has the same struggles with scripts in real estate.

The natural mindset when using scripts is prospecting for new business. If you read through the scripts, that is the main objective is usually to set an appointment. There is nothing wrong with this, but it puts a lot of pressure on the agent.

Most leads are not ready to do anything right now. By forcing an appointment, the lead can quickly put up a guard and you can rest assured that the lead will be blocking your future calls.

Instead, make the call about just having a conversation. Don’t rate your success on how many appointments you set, rate your success on the number of calls you were able to make and the conversations.

If you switch your mindset to praising the effort, you take the pressure away.

Scripts Are Learning

In this stage, every call is just learning. You have a Growth Mindset and your self-esteem is built around learning and growing, not being perfect.

This ties in perfectly with mindset. Treat every call like practice.

If you do this, then there is no failure; all you are doing is learning and growing from each call.

Now, this is easier said than done. It’s a romantic idea but when the phone is slammed down on you, it is hard to not take this personally and feel like you are failing.

These are the most magical moments of all! This is the time you can really start to build your Growth Mindset.

When everything is going well, it easy to keep going and thinking that your mindset is dialed in, but when there are challenges, you can work on your mindset.

Treat rejection as a gift and an opportunity to learn and to continue to build your Growth Mindset.


Point Form Script

Make sure your script is in point form. This allows you to engage in a more natural conversations versus a robotic response.

If your script is written in sentence form, you can get lost in the exact words you are trying to use. Off the start, you want to practice with precise questions and be prepared for their answers, but you also want to leave space for a normal conversation.

Even if you are working with a script in sentence form, convert it to point form.

This allows the freedom to have a conversation.

Respond To Everything The Lead Says

When you have your point form script, you have more fluidity to your scrips and dialogs. The next item to remember is to respond to everything they say.

One of the biggest mistakes is taking the lead through the script without responding to their last comment.



[Agent] “It looks like you are looking in the Renfrew and Bridgeland Area”

[Lead] “Yes, but I’m also looking in Kensington”

[Agent] “Ok, what is your time frame”


[Agent] “It looks like you are looking in the Renfrew and Bridgeland Area”

[Lead] “Yes, but I’m also looking in Kensington”

[Agent] “That’s great! Those are all such lovely areas and the convenience of Kensington can’t be beat. So, tell me, if you were to wave a magic wand and be moved into a place in Kensington, Renfrew, or Bridgeland, when would you be moving in?”

In the second example, the real estate agent is responding to the lead and not just moving them through the script. It accomplishes the same result, however, you are building rapport with the lead and responding to them like a real person.

This will take some practice, but every call is practice!

Enthusiasm is The Key

The fastest and easiest way to lose a lead is to lack enthusiasm. If you already think you are being enthusiastic, there is probably still room for growth.

Enthusiasm is one of the main keys to sales. It shows that you love what you do and it also displays confidence. By simply increasing your excitement and enthusiasm on the phone, you will appear more confident, eager, and engaging.

When we are learning scripts, we can sound very monotone on the phone. If you aren’t sure if you are enthusiastic enough, then you probably aren’t. This is a similar hack to use when you are working on becoming more natural on video.

Here are some tips to help you increase your enthusiasm

-          Stand when you are making your calls

-          Smile like a crazy person when you are on the phone

-          Picture a close friend on the other line

-          Go to Toastmasters to learn vocal variety


Working through scripts is a vital part of building your real estate business. Scripts are a powerful way to connect with leads, past clients, referrals, or anyone for that matter. However, learning scripts can be a bumpy road as we are becoming more comfortable with them.

Start with a simple script and focus and building the right mindset. Treat every call like practice and praise the effort you are making and not the appointment. Use point form and remember to respond to what the lead is saying. Finally, crank up the enthusiasm and you will be comfortable with your scripts in no time!


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Question: Do you have any favorties tips for using scripts? Let me know in the comments below.

-Michael Montgomery