The Most Important Word in Sales

Persuasive Words in Real Estate

The Most Important Word in Sales

As a real estate agent, we need to understand the power of the words we use. We are constantly having conversations with leads, clients, and other real estate agents, but how effective are we being with the words we are choosing? Did you know, there is one word that has scientifically been proven to dramatically increase your persuasion? In this article, you will learn the one word that you can use in sales that will improve your chances of getting what you want.

It’s not the word that most people think of when they think about sales. The word is “because.”

The Study

The reasoning is grounded in psychology.

In 1978, Ellen Langer, a Psychology Professor at Harvard conducted a simple study that produced astounding results. Her experiment was created to see if the word “because” had an impact on people’s likelihood to do something for someone that was inconvenient. Here study had 3 different tests and was focused around asking people in a line-up to a copy machine if the subject could cut in line.

The subject had three different ways of asking if they could cut in line.

1)      Excuse me, I have 5 pages, can I use the copy machine.

2)      Excuse me, can I use the copy machine, because I am in a rush.

3)      Excuse me, can I use the copy machine, because I need to make copies.

Both option #2 & #3 use the word because, however, #3 makes little sense as everyone in line would need to make copies – that is why they are in the line.

The interesting part of this study is in the findings between number #2 &# 3.

Success Rate: #1 – 60% success rate, #2 – 94% success rate, #3 – 93% success rate.

We can see why #1 had the lowest success. I doubt I would let that person through. We can also see why #2 had the highest success rate, but how about #3?

This case made no sense but had almost the same success rate as #2.

The conclusion was simply using the word “because,” even if it didn’t make sense, would dramatically increase your chances at getting what you want.

Real Estate Agent Tips

Know that you know the importance of using the word “because,” let’s look at a few important places that you should be using it.

Use for Lead Capture

If you are running any campaign focused on lead capture, use “because” to improve your conversion rate.

“Contact me about buying or selling real estate”

“Contact me about buying or selling real estate because I can take the guesswork out of the process”

Anytime you are asking a lead to do something, make sure you are using the word “because.”

Talking to A Client or Lead

If you are talking to a client or a lead on the phone and trying to set an appointment, use the word “because,” to improve your chances at setting the appointment. You are giving the person a reason why they should be meeting with you to discuss real estate sales.

“Would you be interested in meeting for a coffee next week?”

“Would you be interested in meeting for a coffee next week, because I can go over some important information to help you find a house?”

Again, the reason doesn’t need to be over the top or complex, as seen in the 1978 study, you only need to use the word “because” to have the impact.

Listing Write-Up

If you are preparing your listing description and wording for how to attract buyers to your listing, use the word “because,” to entice the buyers.

Pro Tip: Use the word “because” and let the seller know why you are using this word in their write-up. They will be impressed with your sales skills!

“This home is perfect for growing families.”

“This home is perfect for growing families because there are beautiful parks in the area.”

Simply, yet effective.


When you are working with another REALTOR on a deal, you can use “because” to help them see where your client is coming from. This is a powerful word to use in a real estate negotiation and it can have a huge impact on the outcome.

“My client won’t come below $500,000.”

“My client won’t come below $500,000, because they have put so much work into this lovely property.”

As real estate agents, we know the work is considered in our negotiations. The buyer’s agent has likely already adjusted for this, however, by simply using the word “because,” you improve your chances at getting your client the best deal.


As a real estate agent, you need to know the important words to use in sales. In a 1978 study, Ellen Langer, found that using the word “because” causes a dramatic increase in getting the result that you want. In her study found that you can increase your chances from 60% to 93% by only using the word “because.”

As a real estate agent, always be on the hunt for spots that you can use this word. You can use it on your website, when chatting with clients and leads, you can use it in your listing write-up and in real estate negations. This simply word will help give you an edge in real estate.

Sources: Psychology Today

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Question: What are your favourite words to use in sales? Let me know in the comments below.

-Michael Montgomery