Selling Real Estate to Steady Personalities (Green/High S)

Selling Real Estate To The 4 Personality Types

Selling Real Estate to Steady Personalities (Green/High S)

When selling real estate, you need to have an understanding of the 4 personality types. The DiSC test breaks personalities into 4 type: Dominant (Red), Influencer (Yellow), Stead (Green), and Conscientious (Blue). In this podcast, you will be learning how to sell to the Green personalities or the High S personalities. These people dislike conflict and are risk-averse. They crave safety and are slow to make decisions. Knowing how to sell to this personality type is very important because there is risk and change when someone is buying or selling a home.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn how to sell to the green personality (High S).

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:10] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we are talking about the green personality or in the DiSC test, this is the S. So this is the steady Eddie. This is the support of the agreeable the loyal. It is this type of personality.

[00:00:28] Coming back to our two questions from a few episodes ago if you are a green personality or an S. The two questions are, "are you a thinker or are you a feeler?" A green would definitely be a feeler. And then the second question is, "are you a talker or are you a listener in this case the green is a listener?" So the yellow was a feeler and a talker. The green is a feeler and a listener.

[00:00:57] When looking at famous people that are greens they are Mother Teresa or Michelle Obama. They are motivated by security and they want to avoid conflict. They're great listeners. They have great follow through and they are consistent and they're also amazing at developing relationships. However, unlike yellows, they don't love to be in the spotlight. They want the spotlight to be on somebody else because they are more listeners than they are talkers. So today we're going to discuss how you can best sell to those with a green personality or an S in the DiSC test. And if you identify with this type of personality what are some areas that could be some room for improvement for you and how can you best interact with other personality types that are out there.

[00:01:47] To start off when you are dealing with a green a personality type they want to avoid conflict and they want to avoid change. Now the thing about real estate and sales in general is it can have some levels of change of course if you're changing homes. This is a huge change and this can be almost overwhelming for some greens. What you need to do is you need to build trust with greens. Trust is everything. And they want to know why we're about to do things. They're going to need time to make their decision. So you do not want to rush them unlike yellows and unlike reds that can act almost impulsively, greens will be a lot slower because they really want to figure out the reason why they are doing things.

[00:02:33] If you're sitting down the listing presentation with a green you do not want to be confrontational you do not want to use aggressive body language and you want to give them time to absorb all of the information that you are providing to them. You also don't want to ask a green to sign on the spot because it will make them feel very uncomfortable and you'll start to lose the rapport that you have built with the green because they do not want to feel pressured into doing anything and it will unfold for greens and it will unfold on their own time. You also really want to break it down into small steps for greens because if you are at a listing presentation with one and you're telling them about how you're going to sell the home and how they're going to get the offer and then they're going to move to the next place. This could all become overwhelming they start thinking about moving they start thinking about their mortgage and they start thinking about some details. And this all becomes an objection for them and they do not want to move forward because there's just too much to do. So a great tip when dealing with a green is to break things down into smaller steps. When you're doing the listing presentation walk them through the process and simplify. And then when you're done the listing presentation make sure you have very simple follow up next steps. So you're breaking this down into small components for them and it becomes a lot more approachable and they can really picture themselves moving forward with this sale.

[00:04:00] Greens are also very team oriented. So they want to feel like you guys are all on the same team and even using that word when you're chatting with them at presentations and saying look we're all on the same team together. Let's see if we can get this done together and this sort of discussion. It can help build more rapport with the green because again it comes down to safety and avoiding conflict when dealing with a green. So always think stability predictability and harmony. When you were chatting with a green.

[00:04:31] Now if this sounds like you and you are seeing a lot of green in your personality then here are some areas that may be a challenge for you. You may resist change so it may be challenging for you if you're new in real estate maybe jumping in full into your new career you could procrastinate a little bit more than some other personalities. You can be a little indecisive and another thing you can do is hold grudges. So if you lost a listing presentation or if you had a tough deal with somebody you've tend to hold grudges if you have more green personality and you can be a little overly possessive and sometimes lack a little initiative. If you are seeing green in your own personality then these are some areas that you can potentially develop and you can try and push yourself into new challenges and help people solve their problems and also help accept change. The other thing about being a Green is if you're in the real estate space it can be challenging sometimes to learn how to negotiate and to get into those challenging discussions that can end up coming across as confrontational. Even if they're not confrontational sometimes greens can associate negotiations with confrontation. So this is an opportunity and this is a great way to look at it. When you're in sales and you are a green this can be a huge advantage because you have the ability to gain trust and to build rapport with people and make people feel safe. This is hugely important in real estate and then when you're dealing with a negotiation or you're dealing in an area that can lead to some level of confrontation. This is the area where it's really going to take a little bit more time to learn that skill. When we're looking at say a red or a yellow yes they may be a little bit better when it comes to certain areas of the real estate transaction. So for instance reds won't have a problem at all with the confrontation but building rapport with people can be a little trickier because they're a little bit more focused on now now and get it done and results. Whereas if you're a Green. So this is the polar opposite of a red then you are going to be a lot more focused on building rapport which is exactly what we need to do in real estate. However you will be challenged when it comes to confrontational situations.

[00:06:47] So to recap greens are supportive. They're agreeable. They're loyal. They have great self-control and they're consistent. They're good listeners. The thing about greens is we really need to give them time to process information to get to know us and they want to know the reason why they want to know the reason why they're using you as a real estate agent or why they're buying the home. We also really want to break it down into smaller steps for greens because we don't want to overwhelm them with the big picture. It can almost become a little bit too much when they're looking at the whole process of selling their home or buying a home. We want to break it down into small next steps so that it's easy to move forward and there's not as much resistance and challenges. If you are green and greens are a very very common personality type. We do have to be focused on learning how to deal with confrontation and real estate because this will be one of our big challenges. You will have the ability to build rapport with people build trust people will naturally trust you if you have a lot of green in your personality. However you do have to be able to deal with challenging situations and sometimes deal with conflict and real estate.

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