Selling Real Estate to Analytical Personalities (Blue/High C)

Selling Real Estate To The 4 Personality Types

Selling Real Estate to Analytical Personalities

When selling real estate, you need to have an understanding of the 4 personality types. The DiSC test breaks personalities into 4 types: Dominant (Red), Influencer (Yellow), Stead (Green), and Conscientious (Blue). In this podcast, you will be learning how to sell to the Blue personalities or the High C personalities. These are the analytical personalities and the detail oriented people. They can be very slow to make decisions and need all of the information before moving forward.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn how to sell real estate to blue personalities.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. My cast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:12] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery and today we are talking about the fourth personality type. This is our five part series on personalities and selling to the different personality types that are out there. Today we are talking about the blue personality or if you're familiar with a DiSC, this is C or conscientious type, tough word to say, conscientious type personality.

[00:00:38] Now this type of personality is quite different from some of the other ones that we have discussed. In fact, it's pretty well the polar opposite of the yellow personality type the blue personality types are very detailed. They're disciplined. They're precise they're thorough and they're very analytical.

[00:00:57] First off we are going to talk about how to best sell to blue personalities and then finally if you do see some blue color within your personality what can be some areas that you can potentially improve upon. So first off when selling to a blue personality the biggest thing that you need to keep in mind and you need to prepare for is detail an organization. They want all of the details. They want to be able to concentrate on the details and have time to go through everything and they want the opportunity to really look at the data. They also want a stable surrounding and they want a stable process so the process is very important to them as well when analyzing the home buying process or the selling process. It is all about the, "how". How are you going to get it done and how is this all going to work? And they need to have the time to let it digest so they're able to make the right decision. One of the worst things that you can do with a blue with a very analytical type personality is to rush them and to force them into decisions they do not like this and they will turn away and go the other direction. They want to be able to make their own decisions but they need the data and they need the time to do so. You can't expect to show up to a listing presentation or a buyer presentation and get a blue to sign right on the spot. This makes them very uncomfortable. And chances are they will not sign anything that they haven't had a chance to fully review.

[00:02:27] Now one of the most famous examples of a blue is Bill Gates so very detail oriented very focused and very analytical. Now blues might be opposite from yellow when it comes to personality types. However, I find blues and yellows to be fairly easy to pick out of a crowd. A blue will be very detailed. If you're doing your research on them they're LinkedIn profile will be perfect. If you're sending e-mails back and forth or text messages they're grammar everything is going to be perfect. So they're a little bit easier to pick out than sometimes red and greens and yellows are easier to pick out because they're loud and they're the life of the party. And then blues are usually a little bit more reserved and a little quieter but they're very thoughtful about what they say because everything they say and every word that they choose is very important.

[00:03:18] A few more quick tips when dealing with "blues." What you can do is detailed the process before you go in for the presentation. So sending them an itinerary of what you're going to go over or having a sheet that goes over the process of how you're going to go about selling their home. Also, when you show up for any presentation make sure you have too many stats. So I say too many stats because even if you think you have enough bring a few more because they want additional data and if you are competing with somebody they could end up judging how the presentation goes based on the amount of data that you bring to them. So don't be left out here make sure that you bring enough information for them to go over. Further to this make, sure that what you bring is accurate. They very much care about accuracy. Now I'm on the opposing side so I am more red and yellow so it's harder for me to fully understand what blues are looking for. So this has to be a personality trait that I end up adjusting for and when I'm working with the blue I need to make sure that everything that I bring is detailed. They're going to check your spelling they're going to check your grammar. They're going to check all of that sort of stuff. So make sure that you have everything lined up. They're also drawn to careers such as engineers and accountants. You can have some great blues in sales and in leadership roles and all sorts of different careers out there. However, they are drawn typically to careers that have more of an emphasis on information.

[00:04:52] Another point about blues is they can be quite sensitive to criticism so it doesn't make a lot of sense to criticize anything related to a blue when you're dealing with them both on the selling or on the buying side you don't want to criticize their decisions because they will be taken back by this. So make sure that you're open to what it is that they have to say and that you're bringing with you reasons for why you're doing things and reasons for why you're recommending certain things they don't just want a personal opinion. They want reasons why and how.

[00:05:24] Now if you're listening to this and you think that you might have more of a blue personality than here are a few areas that are opportunities for growth. So you may be a slow decision maker. So when you've made up your mind that you want to call a lead or you need to follow up with a prospect or something along those lines you can be pretty slow to make the decision to actually pick up the phone and call them or send them an email because you want to make sure you have all of the information. If the lead reaches out to you you may want to make sure that you've researched absolutely everything before picking up the phone and then by the time you pick up the phone it could be too late. So you definitely don't want to move recklessly through any sort of decisions but you should probably pick up the pace in most cases and especially when it comes down to following up with leads in these sort of things because oftentimes blues can really get in their own head and end up getting bogged down with the details versus just doing the action. Another thing is blues can be perceived sometimes as being slightly more pessimistic. That's not to say they are pessimistic, but they can be perceived like this just because they tend to not have the same level of emotion sometimes and they're focused more on the detail. And they're less so focused on the energy within the room. So if you are a little bit more on the Blues side then you may have to focus on increasing your enthusiasm being more optimistic when you're around sellers and buyers and especially if you're around say yellows because they will very much pick up on your energy and what you're bringing across. So if you're dealing with somebody on the other side of things then you'll really and this will feel out of your comfort zone you will have to really increase the level of enthusiasm and the optimism in speaking with other people. Finally like the green personality you may shy away from some controversial items. So when you're in negotiations it might be a little bit more challenging for a blue. So just be aware of that and know that you may have to work on that especially if on the other end of the negotiation is a red or a yellow or somebody who is very very talkative. It can create a little bit more of a challenge but you also have a huge leg up if you're blue because you can go out the red and the yellow with data and they will usually come back with more emotion so you can play that to your advantage.

[00:07:36] That is a wrap on our for different personality types. We went through red, yellow, green, and then blue today. So I hope you grab something from this and potentially you found your own personality in hearing about different personalities that are out there and you found a couple of things that you can work on with your own personality and when you're dealing with other personalities and you've learned a few tips and tricks on how to best sell to different personalities out there.

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