Selling Real Estate to Influencer Personalities (Yellow/High I)

Selling Real Estate To The 4 Personality Types

Selling Real Estate to Influencer Personalities (Yellow/High I)

Selling real estate requires a keen understanding of people and their personalities. The DiSC test breaks personalities into 4 type: Dominant (Red), Influencer (Yellow), Stead (Green), and Conscientious (Blue). Each of these 4 personalities require a different sales approach to win them over in real estate. High I personalities or Yellows are outgoing, enthusiastic, and the life of the party. As a real estate agent, you will need to perfect your small talking skills as they want to know who you are. They are very concerned with likeability and rapport.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn how to sell real estate to influencer personality types.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we're talking about personalities yet again today we are talking about the yellow personality.

[00:00:22] So if you're familiar with the DiSC test this is the "I". If you are a high yellow if you are a high "I" then you are generally regarded as the life of the party. You're optimistic you're enthusiastic. You make very good impressions with people and you were very focused on people. Back to our two questions two episodes ago and we were talking about personalities in general. They're the two questions, "are you a thinker" and "are you a feeler?" And if you are a feeler you are more on the yellow side. And the second question is, "are you a talker or are you a listener?" And this is a talker. So you're a talker and you are a feeler.

[00:01:02] If you can picture Bill Clinton, he is one of the most famous yellows out there. These are very very nice people and they very much care about people. With the reds, they were very concerned with "time" and getting results yellows on the other hand are very focused on "who" so they want to know the person they care about small talk about building relationships they want a warm friendly environment.

[00:01:30] In this episode we're going to talk about how you can best sell two yellows. We're also going to talk about if you see yourself as a yellow where you are doing great and then where you might also want to focus on now of the four personalities the yellow is one of the easiest ones to spot because as soon as you walk in the room or as soon as you get them on the phone they are going to be talking they're going to be talking they're going to be happy they're going to be articulate and they're also going to be creative and they're going to be entertaining other people. So this is one of the easiest personalities to pick out some of the other ones can be a little trickier especially when they're less focused on talking because we are trying to get a feel for that person.

[00:02:15] If you walk into the room if you go into a listing presentation and somebody is greeting you at the door with optimism and enthusiasm bringing you in and really wanted to talk about the weather small talk then you probably will be working with a yellow. And again what's important to these people is who they want to know who you are. They want to know your background they want to know how you got into real estate. They want to know everything about you because that is what is important to them how they're going to choose their agent is less based on the agents results and less based on the data that you put in front of them and more based on are you likable. Do you relate to one another? So if you're in a yellow's house you want to be commenting on things that you see around the home if you see that they went on some vacations. That's an awesome opportunity to connect with them and you want to be asking them open ended questions not as much like a read where you want to be giving them direct actions and direct results that they will be looking for instead it's more of a soft approach where you want to leave a little bit more time for your presentation with the yellow because small talk will be very important even if you don't find it important they will find it very important and being likable and being on the same page is extremely important to yellows when you are presenting to yellows or meeting with them for the first time it's important that you start to weave in stories.

[00:03:38] When you're talking about marketing you may weave in a story and you really want to give them detail and you want to tell them about how it helped them and how it helped that person. And don't be afraid to mix in a couple of real estate jokes you can have two or three real estate jokes up your sleeve. I always have one or two when it comes to a listing presentation one or two go tos when it comes to a buyer presentation. And don't be afraid to bring these out when you're dealing with a yellow. They will appreciate it. It will create more of a bond. And again it always comes down to likability and who you are when you are dealing with a yellow when working on the buying side with yellows.

[00:04:13] You'll know them because they will love how shopping they will love going out because they just want to chitchat and have fun while they are out looking at homes. Now the thing about yellows is they can act somewhat impulsively so similar to reds they can go into a home and decide that it feels right and want to buy it. Now you'll notice I use the word "feel" there because they are feelers and a lot of their decision is just going to come down to how it feels to them. It won't always come down to logic and knowing exactly what something's worth and making sure the numbers all line up for them it's going to come down to feelings. So if you're going through a home with a yellow then using more feeling words right. Having them picture themselves in the home and having them understand what day to day life is going to be like in that home is very important to a yellow.

[00:04:59] But here's one of the challenges with a yellow, they don't always follow through and they really don't want to rock the boat too much. So when it comes to choosing a real estate agent and decide that they want to sell their home they might meet you and you can. You can feel like it went super well. However their follow through might be lacking. You may have had a great conversation with a yellow, but then their follow through to actually sell their home could be a little bit on the lower end and they can also on the other side of this is act impulsively so you could walk through the door. They could love the sounds of you and they can sign on the spot so just be aware of that you do really want to follow up with yellows as much as you possibly can. And in a personal way: sending handwritten cards goes a long way for a yellow. Giving a quick text message a quick video email goes a long way and you want to continue to follow up with them because their follow through can lack.

[00:05:53] Now if you're shaking your head yes this sounds exactly like you and you have a lot of yellow within your personality. Then let's talk about some areas for personal growth for you. So you really want to make sure that if you're a real estate agent and you have a lot of yellow you're going to be great with people and that's awesome because a lot of our job is dealing with people. However there's a good chance that you are going to be less detail oriented. You may miss some things when it comes to drafting the contracts and working on your marketing materials so you do need to be very detailed. You need to very much focus on your work and you need to use more logic when you're moving forward. You have to be very aware of time and you have to be objective with your decision making when you're choosing service providers when you're choosing different paths within life. If you're a yellow you need to take a step back and look at the details because oftentimes yellow just jump to conclusions and I can say this because I do have a lot of yellow in my personality. I have a lot of yellow and I have a lot of red so I am no stranger to jumping to conclusions and missing a couple of details here and there. And if you are dealing with somebody that is a blue so that is the opposite end of the spectrum. These people are very focused on details then that is where you're going to be most challenged as a yellow is dealing with those that are very detail oriented. If you know you're going to go meet a blue then make sure that you have all of your numbers all of your stats everything lined up.

[00:07:23] To recap Yellows. Yellows are optimistic enthusiastic. They leave great first impressions they're verbally articulate and they love to help other people. However they can act impulsively they can talk too much. They can jump to conclusions they can lack some follow through as well. So in dealing with yellows we really want to allow them a chance to feel and to talk. They are also really going to care who we are. They're not going to care as much about when about the results but they are really going to care about if the person across from them is likable and then a very quick hack when dealing with yellows is understand that they also love praise so praising them and giving them positive reinforcement can be a great way to build rapport with yellows.

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