Selling Real Estate to Dominant Personalities (Red/High D)

Selling Real Estate To The 4 Personality Types

Selling Real Estate to Dominant Personalities

Selling real estate to dominant personalities takes skill and tact. Dominant personalities are coded with the color Red or known as High Ds in a DiSC personality test. High Ds are risk tolerant, quick to make a decision, and they prioritize results and time. In sales, you never want to “tell” a red personality what to do as they will resent the salesperson; furthermore, you want to be first in the door because they will be quick to select an agent on the spot.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn how to sell real estate to a dominant personality.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:10] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery today. We are talking more about personalities specifically we are talking about the dominant personality. So, this is the red personality. This is the D.

[00:00:24] If you are familiar with the DiSC test and specifically we are going to be talking about how can we best sell to this type of personality. Now we're all different people out there and we may have a mix of different personalities but oftentimes one of the four if you heard the previous episode will be the one that sticks out and when you see somebody with a high D or red personality. You can usually pick them out of a crowd. So these are say like the Donald Trump style people they are the ones that want immediate results. They're quick at making decisions. They're persistent. They can also be confrontational and they can be very competitive. They have a strong desire to win. And often times, they also have a forceful and confident style of a personality. Now they can be competitive however they can also have a level of insecurity to them and they could need approval from others. So you'll see when we start talking about how to best sell to these people oftentimes it comes down to really working with them so that they're able to make decisions and that they do feel like they're in control. Sometimes they can also be seen as selfish or not a good team player but they really want immediate results and they want to be in the spotlight. They can also sometimes even seem a little bit on the selfish side.

[00:01:48] If you remember yesterday's episode we talked about two questions that you could ask somebody to determine where they fit. And the first one is "are you a thinker or are you a feeler". And the second one is "are you a talker or are you a listener." Now if you're a high D or you are a read then chances are you are a thinker and you are a talker. So what this means is your very task oriented and you're also you also really do like to hear the sound of your own voice. And this is interesting because there are a lot of real estate agents that can fit into this category as well this dominant style personality.

[00:02:22] Oftentimes, when we think of say a stereotypical real estate agent we almost think of them as such as somebody who has more of a dominant style personality. Now the thing is is this doesn't always help you in real estate. It does not always help you in sales to have one of these type of personality but if you do then you can probably start to make sense of how to best handle somebody who also has this personality type. If by chance you have an opposite personality type you're very facts oriented you're definitely more of a listener and you're more of a feeler then chances are you will have to compensate somewhat when you're in meetings with high D high reds in order to win them over in presentations.

[00:03:01] OK. So let's chat about how we can best sell to these people what we can do is we really want them to be the ones that make the decision we never want to tell a high D or red what to do. They will never ask us very often our opinion they'll never ask you in your opinion what would you do Mr. or Mrs. realtor. That's very very unlikely. Chances are they will tell you what they want and they want you to ask them that exact same thing. So never tell them where to list their home. Never tell them which home to buy because they want to be the ones that make the decision. So instead of saying that I think you should probably list within this range it makes a lot more sense. Show them the data. Be quick with the data because they don't want to look at it for long periods of time. Be quick and use strong points and then ask them where do you want to list your home. And that's it.

[00:03:56] So with them you definitely need them to be the ones that are making the decision. They can be impatient. They can overlook risk. So sometimes if you think they're going down a direction that could lead them down a risky road then it can make sense to pull back a little bit and provide a little bit more information. However I mean this can also work in your favor if you are competing with other real estate agents and you know that you are meeting with somebody who is a high D or a red then you may want to get in the door first. And the reason is is they can be very very impatient. So you could come through. They could like the sounds of you they could like everything and they do not want their time wasted so they're going to call the other two agents in there and say we've already found our person. I've dealt with people like this and they'll call you or if you've already dealt with them then they'll call the other agents they'll say we're not interested in chatting with anybody else. We've found our person. So if you are dealing with somebody who is a red make sure that you can get in the door first especially if you are competing when sitting across from a table from a red then you also want to meet them in kind. So they appreciate it when you're quick and you're delivering the results quickly and with clarity. They don't want a ton of small talk and they also don't want a ton of information and a ton of stats because it just bogs them down and it wastes their time. Time is huge for reds. This is a very important piece and if you start to waste their time you will start to lose them and they will boot you out the door very very quickly.

[00:05:29] So you want to be quick and to the point you want to be concise when you're talking to them and you want to provide them with the information so that they can make the decision you are not going to make the decision for them because at the end of the day if you say I recommend this and they don't they didn't ask for your recommendation. Chances are they will resent it they resent restrictions and they do not like being told what to do on the buying side. When you're out with them oftentimes these type of buyers will be the ones that will go through a home. They'll look around for a few minutes or say they like it let's do it. Let's start let's write an offer and this is great. I mean it can make the move quite quickly. However if there are issues with the home or if there are certain things that have been overlooked sometimes they'll just move right into the offer stage for these type of people I think it's very important for you to say draft an email with some of the potential risks some of the perks and some of the drawbacks some of the pros some of the cons and have it in written form that way when it comes down to it. They don't come back to you and say look you sold me this home and it has these issues with it because you've disclosed it to them you've put it out there for them to make their own decision. But oftentimes they will go through the home and they'll say yep let's go let's do it here's the price I'm willing to pay. And then they'll overlook some of the details.

[00:06:43] Now when listening to this if it sounds like you like you might be a little bit more high D or red. I definitely have some of this. Then we need to look at ways that we can best interact with others. If we are of this personality type we may sit down with somebody who has the same personality type so there are red and we can almost become confrontational or we'll definitely see eye to eye with them because we have a similar personality type but something to watch for if you do feel like you do fall into this category as you may end up talking too much. You may be a little bit inflexible you may overlook some risks you might be impatient these sort of things and would then apply to you as a real estate agent. So you need to take a step back. If you are red you need to focus on routines you need to look at the statistics you need to look at the details and the facts and you need to use caution when you're moving forward because sometimes the reds can be a little hasty because again coming back to this whole time thing they don't want their time wasted. And if you are of that type you don't want your time wasted so you can overlook some details and some facts. So it's important that if you do see some of this in you that you're very focused on details facts and you also work on being sensitive towards others.

[00:08:03] Finally a quick recap. If you are dealing with somebody who is a red never tell them what to do they want to be the ones that make the decision do not waste their time bring them details bring them facts give them tasks but be quick and direct with them. You do not want to spend too much time small talking and talking about the details. They want the big picture and they want it quickly and they want to be the ones that make the decision. So that is the red personality or the D. If you're familiar with the DiSC test tomorrow we're going to talk about yellows and the eye in the disk test and these people are a little bit more talkative. So there is a different approach to it.

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