Four Personalities You Need To Know in Real Estate (Colors)

Selling to Different Personalities in Real Estate

Four Personalities You Need To Know in Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you will deal with many different types of people and personalities. Knowing how to sell to each personality type can be a huge advantage as a real estate agent. There are various personality testing mechanisms, but the testing we use is DiSC and associate each 4 personality types with a color. There is D - Driver (Red), I - Influence (Yellow), S - Steadiness (Green), C - Conscientious (Blue).

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn about the 4 different personality types.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we are talking all about personalities and how important they can be when you are selling real estate.

[00:00:22] Have you ever entered a listing presentation and you sat down across from the seller and they just wanted stats? They just wanted numbers. They wanted to see graphs they wanted. They didn't care as much about the photos and that sort of thing. They just wanted to see the numbers. And if you went to that presentation without that data then you may have lost the listing. However, you may have also gone to a listing presentation where you've brought all the stats all the graphs everything you can possibly imagine. However all they wanted to do was flip through the photos and talk about what was happening on the weekend.

[00:00:57] These are two very different personality types over the course the next few days. We are going to look at four different personality types and how you can best spot them and sell to each one of these personality types. Today we're just going to discuss what these four types are. And you may even be able to see yourself in one of these four types. And then from there over the course the next few days we're going to talk about selling specifically to each one of these personalities.

[00:01:27] Now if you've done any personality testing you probably know there's a number of different personality tests out there. For example you may have heard of the Myers Briggs or other ones that are similar to this. This breaks personalities down into 16 different types. This is great and it's awesome. However I find it a little bit challenging in real estate because all we're doing is we're having a quick interaction with a potential seller buyer and then really trying to narrow down one of the 16 seems pretty challenging. What we use and what a lot of other people will use in sales is coming down to more of the DiSC personality test and these are four different distinct types and the way that we remember it is we just use a color code and the colors are red, yellow, green, and blue. So if you're familiar with the DiSC, D is Red, I is Yellow, S is Green and C is Blue. So because I'm using these color coding it probably says something about my personality alone just because I am more focused on the colors than I am focused on the letters in desk. But let's go through each one of these personalities. And then again over the course of the next few days you're gonna learn how to sell to each one of these.

[00:02:41] First off the Red (D). So this is the driver. These people are very focused on making quick decisions immediate results. They want things now and they want to be in a position of power. It's very important when dealing with a person that is a red that you are showing them this and you are giving them the ability to make quick decisions and you're not slowing them down because this will upset them. We will get into dealing with red tomorrow.

[00:03:11] Next is yellow and yellow is I. Yellows are basically the life of the party. They're optimistic. They're enthusiastic. They love smalltalk and they love just chit chatting. They're less concerned with numbers with the details in these sort of things and they're more concerned with you as a real estate agent is, "are you likable?" "Are we going to be able to hang out and have fun while I'm going through this buying process?" That's what's important to the yellows is fun and relationships optimism enthusiasm. This is a yellow to a T.

[00:03:44] Next is green and green is very focused on people but they're usually a little quieter. They're agreeable They're loyal they're supportive they're consistent they're also very very good listeners. When you're dealing with the green you have to make sure they are very risk adverse. They want to follow the rules. They do not want to be confrontational and they really care about the why in things that are happening.

[00:04:11] Finally we have the blue and blue is very focused on being orderly being very focused on the numbers analytical thorough precise these sort of people are the ones that need all of the data whereas the yellows are the ones that really don't want to look at any of it. They are polar opposites blues very much care about the process about accuracy about facts and about details. So you don't want to go into our presentation with a blue and embellish too much because you will be discounted right away.

[00:04:45] Those are the four different personality types and they can be broken into a couple of different streams here. So you can have the task oriented and you can have the people oriented so the task oriented are the red and the blue. So they're very focused on the task at hand. And then the people oriented are the yellow and the green. So they break down on that front.

[00:05:07] A great tip: when you're trying to figure out if the person is more red, yellow, green, or blue is ask these two questions. And this comes from one of our sales trainers Shane Wallace with CultureSmith. He says ask these two questions: are you a thinker or are you a feeler.? If you are a thinker you are more so on the red and blue side. If you're a feeler you're more on the yellow and green side. The second question you want to ask is are you a talker or are you a listener.? If you are a talker you're more on the red and yellow side of things. And if you're a listener you're more on the blue and green side of things. So just by asking those two questions you can get a very good feel for where the person classifies themself. And you can be a little bit more subtle about this as you move forward with clients. It can even be put into your onboarding form for clients as you can ask them these sort of questions. You can also usually get a pretty good feel for where they stand just based on a few quick conversations are they talking more or are they listening more. And then on a few questions right. If they're bringing in they want to know a lot of details and facts and they're very interested in how it's going to get done then they're more on the task side if they're a lot more interested in seeing photos and talking and hearing more about you and your team and your brokerage and that sort of thing then they could be more on the yellow and green side of things.

[00:06:37] Those are the four personality types over the course the next few days we're going to learn how to sell to each one of these personality types we're also going to look at areas that we can focus on if we are that personality type. For example if you are a yellow a lot of sales people do fit into that yellow category then you need to compensate by bringing a lot of data because you are going to be polar opposites from say potentially a CPA or an engineer or somebody who is very very focused on data and stats. Now if you see yourself on the blue side of things so you're very focused on stats numbers you love looking at what's happening in your community as far as stats and numbers go and you're focused on the whole process of selling then you may want to focus on when you're going to a listing presentation especially if you're dealing with a yellow is really work on your small talk skills and ask them about the weekend and ask them about photos that you see around the house and trips that they've been on and that sort of thing. So you can learn to compensate. It doesn't matter which end of the spectrum that you're on on any one of these frames you can learn to compensate so that you're able to sell to all different personality types.

[00:07:46] You will be naturally in tune with those that are the same personality type is you. However you can learn to sell to the other side no problem what so ever. Finally know that there can be some overlap between these different colors. So for instance, I am red and yellow. I do not have a ton of green or blue but I have a lot of red and yellow. So that means when I'm going to a listening presentation I'm bringing a ton of stats and I've learned to interpret stats and interpret numbers and understand the process in the most detail possible because I know that's going to be my weak point. So we're going to get into this over the next few days.

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