New Real Estate Agent Networking Hacks

Networking is a key part of selling real estate. As a new real estate agent, you need to have the skills to successfully meet people at events and build relationships with them. Networking and events can make up a huge part of your business building process, but you need to know how to effectively networking with people and work a room.

How To Network in Real Estate

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:12] Hello and welcome back to another episode of Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery and today we are talking all about how to work a room. This is extremely important in real estate. We're talking about networking and how you can build connections at networking events.

[00:00:28] Right off the bat make sure that you are showing up with the right mindset. So go to these events with a mindset of wanting to connect and help versus what can you get from the other person. This is a huge change in your mindset you're not going trying to get real estate business. Instead you're going just to meet new people have good conversations. This lowers the pressure that you will feel plus it will just be more enjoyable.

[00:00:56] Next research the event and the venue. This seems obvious but oftentimes when you're first meeting people a lot of your conversations are around a the event and then be the venue. If you're at an interesting venue or at a different part of town make sure you research that because that will bring up conversation as well.

[00:01:14] Next before you go to the event make sure you quickly scan the news headlines know what's happening in your community know what's happening in the news because if you're not talking about the event or the venue you're probably talking about something else that is currently happening within your community.

[00:01:29] You can also prepare by wearing something that sparks a little conversation. Now this doesn't have to be wild. This can just be you know a funky pair of shoes or a pen or something like that but have something that gives people ammunition to come and talk to you.

[00:01:44] Finally before you go to the event make sure you prepare yourself to answer the one question that we always need to be able to answer, "how is the market" when you let people know that you're in real estate you know that questions coming so make sure before you go to the event you were prepared to answer that question. Now you're at the event. First off think enthusiasm confidence and smile. These things are contagious. If you come with some level of enthusiasm this just shows confidence and put a smile on your face. This makes people want to approach you. Next let's learn the best icebreaker you can possibly have at a party or at a networking event. It's simply "Hi my name is blank" so simple so effective. We tend to overcomplicate the icebreaker. All you have to do is say your name. "Hi my name is," and the conversation will start from there.

[00:02:44] During the conversation look for commonalities. So we call this conversational ammo things that somebody else is saying that you can then build on and then give them conversational ammo when you're having a conversation. When you are commenting on something that they say give them a few different options on how they can respond. What do I mean by this? Well if somebody says What did you do over the weekend you could say well I just hung out or you could say I hung out I went to a hockey game or you could say I hung out I went to a hockey game with a close friend from high school and we had nachos let's say. So what you've done there is you've gone from I've just hung out, which doesn't give the other person a lot of things to say to you've included hockey. You've included a friend from high school that you're still in touch with. You've included nachos. So you've given them more ammunition to have a conversation with you. It makes it easier on you and on them.

[00:03:38] Now if you're trying to find things to talk about if you've done any real estate training you may have heard of FORD: family, occupation, recreation, and dreams. Talk to people about these things. These are things that very much interest them and they turn into great conversations. So what's happening with their family what's happening at work occupation recreation What are you doing for fun and dreams. Do you have any trips planned that sort of thing.

[00:04:03] Now how about where to hang out during the party during the event. Right at the exit of the bar can be one of the best spots. Reason being people just freshened up their drink and they could be on their own and now they're scanning the room looking for people to talk to. Don't hang out by the bathroom where people are going to do something that they don't want necessarily be caught in a conversation. Also try not to hang out by the food because people's hands are typically taken up and they're eating and it's tough to have that conversation but at the exit of the bar can be the best place to hang out.

[00:04:36] If you're looking to spark up a conversation with somebody next you n also make sure that you say "hi" to the host. See if the host can introduce you to anybody that you maybe should know or something along those lines just saying hi to the hosts can be very effective because they know a lot of people there. So by you having a quick interaction with them very high likelihood that they will introduce you to somebody else.

[00:05:02] Now if you're having a conversation and you need to get out of the conversation this is a tricky one and oftentimes we struggle with how do we end the conversation with grace I find the best way to do it is very straightforward just like the icebreaker is "Hi my name is ___," I think the best way to end the conversation is simply just put out your hand and say, "you know what, it's been great meeting you thanks so much for the great conversation". Now you're not telling the person "look I have to go to the bathroom or I'm running to freshen up my drink" or something like that. Instead you're saying look we had a great conversation this has been great and you're putting out your hand and by shaking their hand you're signaling okay. This conversation is over and we're on to the next conversation from there.

[00:05:42] Now it's after the event you've had the event and now you want to know what to do. Don't rush the relationship. Don't force a relationship you want it to unfold in its own time and understand that you're building a connection with somebody you're not actually trying to get a quick deal out of anybody because we know in real estate that that doesn't necessarily work in this day and age. Instead you're just trying to make a friend. So think of it that way. Try to follow up with them in about 24 hours. If you did have a good conversation or you did have some level of a connection but you're not trying to force the next meeting. Instead what you're trying to do is just say thank you so much for the great conversation. That's it! And then you want to put yourself in similar situations like that again so that you can cross paths with similar people to that. If not that same person again in the future. Again don't push a follow up meeting or a pitch or anything like that just simply thank them for the nice conversation and enjoy the process of getting to know somebody. So instead of focusing on how you can get deals from these networking events or from a party and working a room instead just think about how you can have a good conversation with somebody. Start to build a connection. Get to know them! This again like we said off the start will reduce the pressure that you put on yourself. Plus I will just make for a more enjoyable experience all around.

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