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The Best Questions to Ask Real Estate Leads

In real estate, most training is around script training and objection handling. These concepts are very important for real estate agents, but oftentimes, the questions we ask are the key to connecting with leads. If you ask the right questions, you find out so much about the lead, what their needs are, and you begin to understand their motivation. Real estate leads need to feel heard and they can pick up instantly on any feelings of insincerity. Asking the right questions is truly one of the keys that every real estate agent needs to know to sell more homes and connect with more people.

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New Real Estate Agent Objections and Scripts

Objections are part of being a real estate agent. Every successful REALTOR has scripts to handle common objections when dealing with sellers, buyers, and prospects. As a new real estate agent, you will have a particular set of objections to be prepared. In this post, you will learn how to handle new REALTOR objections in real estate. Plus you can download a PDF objection guide for new real estate agents.

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