The Power of Public Speaking in Real Estate

Become a Public Speaking REALTOR

The Power of Public Speaking in Real Estate

Public speaking in real estate can be a huge lead generation source and it can quickly expand your influence as a real estate agent in your community. Yes, it takes work to learn how to public speak and it can be a challenge to land speaking engagements off the start, but with some time and effort, speaking can be a great source of business. Start by going to Toastmasters. From there you can start crafting your speech and refining your content. Finally, you can reach out to event organizers in your city and you can start building your influence.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn the power of public speaking in real estate.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. And today we are talking all about speaking the importance of speaking in real estate and how you can become a better speaker and become booked as a speaker within your community.

[00:00:29] First off why are we talking about speaking. Because speaking can be such a great way that you can get in front of tons of people and expand your influence pretty well the main thing that comes up when I'm speaking with an agent and I ask what are you struggling on. Nine times out of ten it's lead generation it's prospecting it's getting more clients. And if you start bringing speaking into your real estate practice you will have people knocking on your door as a speaker you are positioning yourself as the expert. It's basically like whether you have a park bench or a billboard you're in front of a lot of people and you're giving your message. It can be such a powerful form of lead generation. The other powerful thing about speaking is there's not a lot of other real estate agents out there that are willing to learn and to build their speaking skills so you become one of the very few that will be out there and go on stage in your community and discuss real estate. This is such an amazing way to build your client list and if you are looking for more clients then start implementing some of the tips are about to get into right away because this can be an amazing way for you to lead generate and get more clients right away.

[00:01:47] So first off if you don't have any experience with public speaking that's totally fine because it is the number one fear we've all heard this before that public speaking is the number one fear that people have. And it's true. So if you do not have any experienced public speaking no worries whatsoever. There is a very quick fix to this and it's already out there and it's basically free Toastmasters. Go to Toastmasters and this is just a weekly meetup basically with people where you're practicing your public speaking and communication skills. It is absolutely one of the most valuable things that you can do. Even if you never public speak it's going to help you with listening presentations by your presentations and just general communication. This can also be an amazing starting ground for you if you are learning how to public speak. You're going to learn all of the basics plus you need to get practice. If you are going to be a good public speaker you need to speak. There's no way around it. So to sign up for Toastmasters and start going to those right away they will help your real estate business in more ways than one.

[00:02:56] Next you need to make a game plan about what it is you're going to speak about. If you're a real estate agent and you are in a city you will probably want to be doing presentations about real estate the real estate market where to buy real estate these sort of things within your city. It doesn't make a ton of sense to go to a city where you don't sell real estate and do a presentation there. Now it can be great for practice that's fine. However if you're doing this for lead generation purposes and you're trying to get more clients then you need to be doing your speaking engagements in your own city. So you're going to start by making a plan after you've joined Toastmasters making a plan about what you're going to speak about. And naturally this will very likely be the real estate market, where to buy real estate, how to buy real estate all sorts of things like this. Now your mind might be going directly to say the first time homebuyer seminar or the sellers seminar and these can be a great way to get business but that's not what this conversation is about. This is about booking speaking engagements at events and other things. So you do want to make sure that when you're planning out your speeches that they do they are geared towards a general audience so you don't just want to make the first time homebuyer speech. Now that can be great but you also want to make it a little bit more generalized. So if you're speaking to say a business crowd or if you're doing a lunch and learn that when you're having those conversations it can be general real estate knowledge about what's happening in your community. Remember the purpose of this is truly to get more clients and to lead generate the purpose of it is not only to just get up in front of a bunch of people and speak it is actually to get clients. So you do have to have a speech that showcases your knowledge and your abilities. This will be uncomfortable off the start with the help of Toastmasters you will get there and you want to be practicing this speech in front of people before you go out and pitch it. So maybe after a month or two you join Toastmasters you've written a speech you've practice it a few times and now you want to get it out there and you want to start speaking in front of people.

[00:05:03] What I would recommend join your local Chamber of Commerce they are always looking for speakers. Send them a note let them know that you are interested in speaking that you're happy to be on any panels. You're happy to do any introductory speeches you're happy even be an emcee. You have to start getting your name out there as a speaker in your local community. This also establishes your influence so you become an influencer within your own community. And when people in that world start to think about real estate they think about the influencer which is you. There is a huge power in doing this. It does take time it's kind of like geo farming can take time to build it up but when you're there it can just pay off over and over again.

[00:05:46] My very first speaking engagement was actually two kindergarten kids so I was invited to come and speak about how exciting real estate was to kindergarten kids. This was super fun. Of course these aren't home buyers but it was such a great place to start. So schools can be another great place to reach out and to start getting your name out there. This can be a great starting ground. And then from there you can start to build into more of the business community and these sort of things. Next what you can do is you can go on to Eventbrite and you can see some business related events that are coming up in your community and you can start reaching out to event organizers. Now if you're going to do this you might want to have a little pitch so maybe you have a little one or two minute video of what you're going to be explaining and why you are the person to be delivering this speech from there. You also want to ask them if they have any panels or if they have anybody who has canceled or something like that. And they need you to fill in. This can be great. And you start building relationships with those people in the event world the event world just like in the real estate world like building a relationship with a builder or an investor or something like that. You want to build relationships with those that are hosting business related events or other community focused events because you want to be thought of as the speaker there.

[00:07:03] Now the other beautiful thing is as a real estate agent you probably don't. You aren't looking for paid gigs what you're looking for are just gigs so that you can actually get in front of people and let them know what's happening in the real estate market. This is very very powerful and it can be great for event organizers because they don't have to pay you anything. And it's great for you because you get in front of a lot of people and you can discuss real estate. So if you are looking for more clients and you want to start building up your client list start thinking about public speaking as an amazing way to grow your business. One of the first things that is probably going through your head is oh my gosh this is super scary. That's what Toastmasters is for. And then from there you start building out your speech from there you start reaching out to schools Chamber of Commerce and event organizers and you take it away from there.

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