Real Estate Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

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Real Estate Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

Asking someone in real estate, “if you were to start again, what would you do differently,” can be one of the most powerful questions. This can feel like someone’s silver bullet to success and the answers can be very telling. In this episode, I discuss three things I wish I did differently from the start and some fast tips if you wish to start doing these things right away. They are letting go of fear, setting a prospecting schedule, and geo-farming.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn three things I wish I did differently.

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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we are talking about one of my most favorite subjects. We're talking about if I was to go back to day one what would I do differently.

[00:00:27] I absolutely love this topic. Any time I am talking to somebody who has a little bit of an experience in any sort of industry whether it be business real estate working out health anything that interests you at that period in time asking somebody this question can be so revealing. These people have been through the trenches and how they respond to this can be so revealing.

[00:00:54] If there is a silver bullet any sort of business or anything it would probably be it would probably lie somewhere in the answer to this question. So if you haven't asked somebody at your office who maybe you look up to or your broker or something like that. Ask them if they were to go back to day one what would they do differently or even not even differently like what would they do in order to build up their business. This can be just so powerful and revealing so today we're going to get into three different things that if I could go back to day one of my real estate career that I would tell myself I need to start doing because there will definitely be positive results that come from it.

[00:01:34] The first one. So the first one of the three is to be less fearful. And this comes in many different ways. This can be with doorknocking open houses. This can be asking for business. This can even be in prospecting whatever it might be. When you're first getting into the industry oftentimes we don't necessarily have that confidence to get out there and start selling real estate and start selling ourselves. So it takes a few years to actually build that up. If I can go back to day one I would say stop acting out of fear and stop not doing certain things because you're fearful of how people will perceive you or you're fearful of hearing and know and just start doing it. That would be the absolute first thing that I would tell myself. Now I'll bet if you're a newer agent or if you're an experienced agent for that matter this might kind of ring true for you as well. This is a very common thing in real estate. It takes some time to really build our comfort level up with this career. So if you're experienced you might look back to how you were off the start and think the exact same thing. If you're brand new you might think yeah you know what. I do have a level of fear when I'm going out there and I'm trying to sell myself. So we're not going to dive into tricks on how to handle this. It's more so just it's going to take some work. But if I can offer one piece of advice that can work very very well for this one little takeaway is start acting as if. So start acting as if you do not have the fear when it comes to prospecting open houses anything. Start acting as if you are already that top producer 100 percent agent that has everything figured out and before you know it these feelings will start to follow. And this is a great hack just for self-confidence in general is you not your feelings of confidence aren't gonna be the first thing that comes instead you those will come from your actions. So we have to reverse engineer it and come from a place that we need to act as if we are already that person and we will become so. And it's still I still use it to this day and it works amazingly.

[00:03:41] Number two the next thing that I would do if I was to go back to day one is I would get a schedule a prospecting schedule and I would stick to it like crazy. I cannot tell you how many years that I had off the start where I would start prospecting for a few days get all excited about it and then I would disappear and not do it for the next month or two months and I could just imagine how different my business would have been a few years down the road if I would have had that prospecting habit and schedule from day one and I followed it instead I more prospects when I felt like it which is very very common. And unfortunately we don't always feel like prospecting so that ended up taking a back seat which I think could have propelled my business quite a bit quicker if I was more focused on prospecting from the start. So my recommendation here is have a prospecting schedule. What I recommend is two hours in the morning 9:00 until 11:00a.m. where all you are doing is reaching out to clients and building relationships with clients on the phone through text or email whatever that looks like. Have that schedule because your future self will thank you.

[00:04:49] The third thing I would do if I was going back to day one is I would start geo farming farming community sooner. Now I know that it takes time it takes money it takes effort in order to start farming a community but what I would do is I would literally start farming two streets one street 100 homes whatever that looks like whatever was in either my budget or what I had for time in order to doorknock that neighborhood every single month and deliver flyers every single month I would start with 100 homes if that and then start building up from there and slowly start to take over the community. Now geo farming can be so powerful but the thing about it just like anything else in real estate is it takes time. It takes time for you to actually start to see the results of the effort and the money that you put in. So if I would've started doing this from day one even starting with a smaller budget and starting with just a few homes I couldn't imagine where things would have been in a few years down the road instead with my geo farming. I did what was very commonly done and you end up farming a certain area and then you you know you kind of get bored of that area see a shoot over the next area. This is one of the worst techniques ever because you end up not getting any business from anywhere but you still end up spending the money because you're actually farming different communities and you're trying different things but you're not using that consistency. So if I was to go back to day one I would start farming right off the bat and something that you can do right now. So a quick takeaway on this one is if you haven't started farming start planning for farming. Start researching into which neighborhood that you want to farm based on the turnover rate based on the sales and based on your interest level in the community as well as based on who else is farming it. Now stay tuned because we will have an episode coming up on Geo farming and some tricks that you can use in order to best set yourself up for success. For geo farming but right now just start. If you haven't started farming. Start looking at the communities that could potentially work for you because this is something that I would have done from day one if I could go back.

[00:06:54] So a quick recap. Number one is I would be less fearful I would train myself to be less fearful by acting as if and I would put myself in these positions that would be outside of my comfort zone that would cause growth. Number two is I would have a prospecting schedule and I would stick to it like crazy. I would have two hours in the morning 9 to 11 where I would always dedicate my time to prospecting and this is something that I would recommend to everybody. But this is something I would tell myself if I was doing it all over again. Number three is I would start geo farming earlier or right from the very start and I would start with just a few streets just a few homes and start building it out from there because it's something that takes time and the rewards can be dramatic.

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