How To Quickly Get Clients in Real Estate

Get Clients as a New Real Estate Agent or experienced REALTOR

How To Quickly Get Clients in Real Estate

It doesn’t matter if you are a new real estate agent or an experienced REALTOR, everyone will hit that point when they say “SOS, I need a deal now.” In real estate, the sales cycle is usually 90 days. Therefore, the prospecting and action you take now will benefit you in 90 days. This sales cycle is one of the great challenges for new real estate agents, especially if you are familiar with quick sales cycles. SOS, I all about needing to sell a home fast. At this point, we are still mindful of the 90 day cycle, however, the approach is much more direct and with time constraints.

Some of these sales techniques are not for the faint of heart, so you need to be prepared to work, but here is the beauty of this approach: you should get a deal quickly, but you will also be putting people in your 90 day cycle pipeline!

 The two main question that you will become very comfortable is this

Do you know anyone that may need real estate advice in the next year or so?

Do you know anyone who tried to sell but wasn’t successful?

These are powerful questions that a real estate agent can ask at any point, but they are particularly important when you are in SOS mode. The first question is a low pressure way of asking for a referral and the second question is a pattern interrupt ask.

Pattern interrupt questions are questions that elicit a different level of thought. In asking these questions, the person needs to think for a moment because it’s not a standard question. You are also using this question to help the person know what you are looking for.

When going through these ideas, make sure you are asking these two main questions when you are meeting people.

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20 Ideas to Get a Client Fast

·       Get out of the house! You need to leave the house right now and go talk to 10-20 people about real estate. Go to a networking event tonight. Join a club or sports team. You need to be leaving the house and talking to people constantly.

·       Volunteer this week!

·       Contacting past clients and your sphere of influence, at least 5 a day. (Ask the 2 questions above)

·       Contacting For Sale By Owners, because they are advertising they want to sell. Don't push them to list; instead ask them if you can help them in anyway.

·       Knock on 100 doors and ask if they would like to be kept up to date with sales in their neighbourhood. No matter if they say yes or no, ask them the 2 questions above.

·       Knock 100 doors around a sold listing (a listing in your brokerage). Let them know their neighbour sold and ask if they would like a market evaluation.

·       Run a Facebook "Lead Ad" NOW - Offer item of value (Example: Pricing Property Booklet, List of properties priced <$350K in XYZ)

·       Post 5-10 Instagram Stories per day

·       Post on Facebook (personal) everyday

·       Send an E-Newsletter to your database asking if they know anyone looking to buy or sell. Does anyone know of anyone needing real estate?

·       Ask EVERYONE you meet EVERYDAY if they know ANYONE looking to for real estate advice. Real Estate, very simple!

·       Contact professional people in your area example: financial planners, CPA’s, bankers, lenders etc. Ask them for referral business.

·       Contact for rent add and see if they are ready to sell.

·       Contact people who are advertising estate sale/moving sales.

·       Lead follow up. EVERYDAY! AT THE VERY LEAST 60 MINUTES A DAY!

·       Prospecting BLITZ day sit in a room and have lunch delivered and call for 8 straight hours 2 times a month.

·       Do events in public places.

·       Set up booths at corners of hot neighborhoods and offer something of value.

·       Do 2 open houses every weekend.

·       Buy leads from the internet.


 Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. My name is Michael Montgomery. I'm your host and today we are doing something a little bit different. We're doing a rapid fire episode for when you need a deal A.S.A.P. This is called S.O.S I need a deal.

[00:00:28] This is about getting a deal as fast as you possibly can. It's not necessarily about long term strategies long term strategies are very important. If you've been following our content you know you know that we are very much focused on building relationships building your database and nurturing those relationships over time you're going to see in these rapid fire S.O.S strategies that there is an element of taking care of your database. But there's also an element of outright asking and oftentimes in our training we're talking more about how we can form a relationship. So we're just the natural choice when it comes time for somebody to buy or sell real estate in this episode. This is still important but we need to also be a little bit more forward. We need to outright ask for some business if we are in this stage where we're an S.O.S survival mode. It is time for us to definitely ask for business being a little bit more forthcoming than we may have been in the past.

[00:01:34] One of the first things you will notice is it's all coming down to one question. So the question is not "Do you know anybody that needs to or is looking to buy or sell real estate?" It's a common question. I choose to not use it in that light because I do think that it's a little bit too forceful and people hear it all the time and I don't necessarily want to be that agent. So the words that I use is do you know anyone that may need any real estate advice in the next year or so. So that's the question and I come back to it over and over again in this episode. "Do you know anyone that may need real estate advice in the next year or so." Let's jump into the strategies.

[00:02:14] Number one you are in S.O.S mode. You need to get out of the house you need to go talk right now at a 10 to 20 people about real estate you need to go to a networking event need to join a club a sports team you need to be doing anything you possibly can to get out of the house and start talking to people.

[00:02:32] Number two volunteer this week. Find an organization and volunteer with them this week. There are always things going on there are always these opportunities. This ties into number one you're getting out of the house and you are volunteering this week.

[00:02:47] Number three contacting your past clients and sphere of influence. You need to call everybody on that list and ask that question. Ask if they know anybody that may need real estate advice in the next year or so. Now this may feel a little bit more forward than some of the previous stuff that we've talked about and it is but also if you are in S.O.S mode then you need to do what you need to do.

[00:03:13] Number four you need to contact for sale by owners and instead of just asking them if you can have their listing or if you can list their property you need to help them sell the property. Now this sounds really odd and counterintuitive but if you help that for sale by owner sell their home and they do go to list who is going to be the first one there. When talking about for sale by owner this is an episode unto itself but instead of going with the intention of "Hey can I list your home" go with the attention of hey "how can I help you sell your home".

[00:03:44] Next go knock on 100 doors. Ask them if they would like to be kept up to date with sales in their neighborhood no matter is if they're saying yes or no. Ask them if they know of anybody that needs any real estate advice in the next year or so. Again our door talk and strategy is typically around providing a market update for what's happening in the community. So this is a little bit different because you're directly going to ask them if they know of anybody who needs real estate advice and you know what some of this is going to be pretty rejection heavy but that's OK because you are in S.O.S mode. So you are ready to grind and rejection is just part of the game.

[00:04:20] Next you're going to knock on 100 doors around a sold listing from your brokerage or from your office. You're going to let the neighbors know that it's sold and ask them if they would like a market evaluation next if you have the budget for it.

[00:04:32] You're going to run two Facebook ads you can skip this one if you're an S.O.S mode because you have a limited budget but you can run a Facebook ad and you're simply asking people if they want to know their home evaluate their home value. This is a very simple ad that's used consistently because it works. Also run an ad to a custom audience run it to your database you want. If you're calling all of them and you've asked them if they know of anybody who could use some real estate advice this year or in the near future then you want to also be hitting them with an ad on Facebook so that they're reminded of that because if nobody came to mind at the time when you called them which oftentimes when you ask that they have to think about it for a few days or for a few hours. So if your ad continues to show up they'll be reminded of you.

[00:05:19] Next you need to post Instagram stories you need to Instagram Stories five to 10 a day because you want to make sure that your social networks are watching you. You want to be top of mind. Yes that's going to take a little bit more time. Still worth it.

[00:05:32] Same with Facebook post every single day one personal post every day. Next you're going to send out an e newsletter to your database. You're going to hit them again and you're simply going to provide market information at the bottom of your email newsletter. You're going to ask if they know of anybody who needs any real estate related advice. Again if you've already called them and they're seeing a Facebook ad this may seem like a lot but if you're in this sort of mode then you have to be prepared for it and you have to be prepared to do a few things that are maybe a little bit out of your comfort zone. But again you're always coming from a place of "does anybody need any advice," you're not looking for a phone number from one of your past clients so that you can call their friend. That's not it at all. You're still coming from place. How can you be of assistance. But you're just doing so more frequently.

[00:06:22] So you need to ask everyone every day everyone that you meet if they know of anybody who is looking for real estate advice moving right along you are going to reach out to what we call our B2B contact. So these are people that have businesses or you know that might be the lawyers CPA financial planners bankers lenders whatever anybody who is in business and understands business. You're going to reach out to them and ask them that exact same question. You can also let them know that you're trying to hit certain goals for the year. So therefore if they know of anybody you'd be very very appreciative. The reason why sometimes I'll use that with business people is because they understand it. So I call these might be to be connections and it's a great way to get business as you move forward with your career is to form great relationships with others that have business or in sales for that matter. So the only thing about this is be aware that in contacting them and asking them if they know of anybody that needs real estate advice that you are also potentially sending them business as time goes on so you don't want this to be a one sided relationship.

[00:07:27] Next you need to be following up with every single person. So if you did get any names if you did get any numbers you need to follow up with them like crazy and what you should do is have what we call a blitz prospecting day a blitz prospecting day is one full day of prospecting we're talking eight hours of just intense prospecting now this seems like an absolute ton but the next day you're not prospecting. So depends on your style. If you want to prospect every single day highly highly recommend doing that. You know that we're all about our golden hours two hours in the morning of prospecting. However if you're in S.O.S mode I'd recommend having a blitz prospecting day blitz prospecting days they're intense. It's a full day it's basically like a full day at the office where you start at say eight thirty and then you finish at the end of the day and all you've been doing all day is prospecting. It's fun though because you're only focused on one thing.

[00:08:22] Next you need to be setting up booths. You need to be out in public and you need to be offering items of value at these booths. So what am I talking about I'm talking about trade shows I'm talking about any sort of events that you can be part of. I'm talking about contacting your local Chamber of Commerce and saying hey is there anything that I can do to help out. Can I set up a booth these sorts of things. So you want to get your name out there in person and by going through booths and events and these sort of things. Yes you're going to get some no's but it's also a quick way to get a deal or two on the same front. You can start seminars so do a buyer or seller seminar and you can do this a little bit differently we oftentimes recommend doing it in webinar form. Most people are online anyways so you can get a better attendance if you're doing it in a webinar form versus having people come out so do a quick half an hour hour webinar run some Facebook ads to get some sign ups for first time homebuyer seminars seller seminars how to stage your home to sell these sort of things you're gonna have to start running those ads on Facebook and getting people to sign up for your webinar.

[00:09:25] Next you need to be practicing your scripts because throughout the day you are going to be prospecting like crazy S.O.S mode you are crazy crazy prospecting mode you are asking everybody and anybody if they know of anybody who needs any real estate advice so make sure in the morning that you are practicing your scripts you're practicing with somebody at the office. Family friends significant other or if nothing else you're practicing in the mirror.

[00:09:49] Next get your open house signs out because you're gonna be sitting for open houses a week so that's 2 on Saturday 2 on Sunday or you can even do a Friday night or a Thursday if you'd like but you need to be doing open houses. Open houses are a great way to get to a quick deal. So do the things. If you are in S.O.S mode that can lead to quick deals. Again you still want to be forming relationships and building relationships and adding people to your database and nurturing your database. But you also need to be focused on getting a deal because you need one right away. And finally stick to your schedule so if you're having say a blitz prospecting day or if you are planning on doing for open houses.

[00:10:29] Next up make sure you stick to your schedule because it's not always easy when you're in this mode. You could be going 110 miles per hour right now. So make sure that you stick to your schedule you know your schedule and keep working very very hard. It will come. You will get a deal. These are the fastest ways when you need a deal A.S.A.P.

[00:10:48] Now remember if you want to ask a top producer anything you can get 100 percent free coaching with Rev real estate school. All you need to do rate and review the show head over to, go to the free coaching section. Fill out your info and you will receive a call. Chat about anything you'd like struggles you're dealing with. Or you can talk to the top producer about how they've built their business. Anything that you would like to talk about. Thank you so much for listening. This episode will catch you in the next lesson.

[00:11:16] This episode of Rev Real Estate School has come to a close. Thank you for tuning in to see you back here for the next lesson.