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New Real Estate Agent Training: The Reasons People Move and the 9 D’s

The Reasons People Move. Tips and Training for New Real Estate Agents

One of the most important parts of training and learning as a new real estate agent is to identify when someone could be looking to sell their house and/or buy a house. You need to be know the signs that someone could be moving soon. As new real estate agent, when you are building your network, you will need to increase the number of conversations that you are having with people. In having more conversations with leads, you will naturally hear about their lives. Listen well when people are talking about their lives and changes that are happening because it could be a sign they will be moving soon.

In this post, you will learn the 9 D’s of moving. These are 9 signs that someone could need a real estate agent’s help in the near future. The amazing thing about the 9 D’s is you might know they are going to move even before they do!

As a new real estate agent, you will need to talk to a lot of people; probably more people than you are used to chatting with. In these conversations, we recommend talking about real estate when it naturally comes up, but you you shouldn’t make every conversation about real estate.

Do you know everyone’s favorite subject? It’s themselves. People want to talk about changes that are happening in their lives.

If you hear one or more of the 9 D’s in conversation, get ready because they will probably be looking to move in the near future.

Signs Someone Will Be Moving - The 9 D’s of Moving


If you hear that someone is getting married then there is a good chance they could be looking to move in the near future. Send a gift to anyone you know that just got engaged. This is an exciting time for them and moving could be in their future. We also recommend watching for people who have been dating for quite some time. They could be looking to buy a home soon too!


Babies are exciting and a big lifestyle change for parents. They also take up space in one’s home. If someone announces a pregnancy, send them a gift and touch base because they could be looking to move soon.


If someone unfortunately passes away, there is a chance that the house they lived in will need to be sold. This is a sensitive time and can be extra sensitive if the property has been in the family for a long time. Always approach these circumstances with care.


This is a challenging time and can be difficult for everyone involved; including the real estate agent. If there is a marriage or long term relationship the comes to an end, the parties will likely need to discuss real estate.


If you know someone who recently graduated from university or college, make sure you send them a gift and congratulate them. Chances are, buying a home isn’t the first thing on their list but in a year or two, they could be on the hunt for their first home.


You know those big dumpsters you see outside of homes while they are doing renovations? When you see one outside someone’s home you know, give them a call. They could be doing renovations in order to sell the property or they could just be doing some personal renovations. Either way, this is an opportune time for a conversations.


Difficulties relates to potential financial difficulties. This is not a fun time for the home owners and should be met with care and compassion. Maybe the owner just lost their job, or the economy is changing in their field. This could be a time that they need to sell their home or downsize, so make sure you are in touch with them, but again, proceed with care.


If you hear that the kids have all moved out, you may also hear that the parents might be looking to downsize in the near future. Rarely is this suddenly when the kids move but in the coming years, chances are they will be looking to sell the home.


Desk relates to a job change or promotion. If you hear of someone getting a new job, especially if it is at a different location, be prepared to help them move in the near future. If they have just inherited a long commute, then they could be needing a new place closer to work. Also, if you hear of someone getting a promotion, they might be looking to move up very soon.

Dogs: (bonus)

Pets are an integral part of a household and when there is a new four legged addition to the house, the home owners really start to think about the importance of a yard and being close to parks. If you know someone who lives in an apartment or condo and they just pick up a dog, be prepared for a phone call soon!


As a new real estate agent, always be looking out for people that could be moving in the near future. Some of these signs won’t necessarily be a sign of moving in the next few months, but chances are, they are closer to moving than you would think.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to another episode of Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we are talking all about real estate leads and we are talking about where you can find them. These are the nine D's of moving and there are things that you need to be watching for as a real estate agent because if one of these things is coming up in somebody’s life it's very likely that they could be thinking of moving. So you should always be looking for these signs.There are nine different things to watch for because when they happen, yes somebody very likely could be moving.

[00:00:49] Oftentimes we don't focus very much on what motivates people to move. We wait for them to call us or we're out there scanning looking for leads trying to talk to people about when it is that they are going to move. But in reality sometimes we can know when they're likely to move before even they do. And that's what these 9 D's are all about. It's all about being one step ahead and knowing when people could be thinking of moving even before they do.

[00:01:18] So let's jump right in the first D is diamonds. So if somebody gets engaged it's likely that they could be looking for a another house. Now if they get married yes 100 percent, but I like to look for engagement so the engagement ring. Because oftentimes once they have been engaged that's when they start to really think about "ok, what's the next step here". So diamonds is number one. And here's the thing. Some of these are there are positives. There are exciting times in people's lives. So can be an awesome opportunity to send them a little gift a card give them a phone call. So diamonds is one where you definitely want to send them something small to say hey congratulations happy engagement.

[00:01:59] Number two is diapers babies. Anytime somebody you hear somebody is pregnant or if they have a kid very high likelihood that they could be moving in the near future. So make sure again that you reach out to people when you hear that they could be having a baby the next two days are a little bit less exciting but they are still times when people can very much use your services.

[00:02:22] So the third D is death. So if somebody is to pass away then the surviving person in the household may have too much of a house. So if somebody is to pass away this is a time when the surviving person in the home may look to downsize or find themselves a new place.

[00:02:39] The next one. Again not so fun is divorce. So if somebody is breaking up whether that be a long term relationship or whether that be just a relationship or people are living together or an actual divorce chances are those people may need a real estate agent and this is a time where you need to be very cautious right. They can lead to a couple of transactions as real estate agents but it's also somewhat of a rocky time for these people right. So we just have to be very cautious how we approach both divorce and death.

[00:03:08] Next is degrees. So if somebody gets their degree and they have now finished school they're off to look for a job so chances are that person will be looking to buy a house soon. So this is a great opportunity to send that person a gift and say congratulations on finishing your degree or diploma.

[00:03:27] Next is dumpsters. So if you see a dumpster outside their house they could be doing renovations right. So this is an important one. Sometimes when they're doing renovations they're just sprucing up their home for their own tastes. Right. However sometimes they're doing renovations because they are thinking of selling it. This is a great opportunity to reach out to people either way because people want to know what their home is worth after they've done the renovations right. So even if you know that the person is doing this work just for their own sake still it's an awesome opportunity to reach out to see if you can be of assistance and help them understand what their home is worth.

[00:04:06] The next one is another challenging one; financial difficulties. Difficulties if somebody is in a difficult situation financially so they may have lost their job or something else might be happening that you're aware of. They could be needing to downsize they could be needing to move they could be needing to sell their home. So again another one just like death and divorce that we just want to be cautious in dealing with these situations. But it's likely that they could use our help.

[00:04:32] Next is downsizing so when the kids leave the house of course we know that the parents might be looking to downsize so empty nesters. This is something to watch for if you know that the kids are off to school or the kids are moving out of the house. The downsizes are people that we do want to reach out to and make sure that we're in touch with them because they could be looking to move soon.

[00:04:53] The next one the final one number nine is desk so desk is when you've heard that the person got a promotion or when they've got a new job. So if there's a new job if there's a promotion if there's a change at work chances are that person could be thinking of moving in the near future.

[00:05:09] Again some of these situations where they might not even know that they're going to move they might not move but they might not know they're going to move and you may know before them. So let's quickly recap the 9 D's to watch for; diamonds, diapers, death, divorce, degrees, dumpsters, difficulties, downsizing, and desk.

[00:05:32] Thank you very much for listing this episode remember you can get 100 percent free coaching. All you have to do is write and review the podcast and head over to our Web site to fill out the form and we will give you a quick shout. You can ask a top producer anything any question that you may have or if you would like some advice. Thanks again for listening. And we will see you in the next lesson.

[00:05:51] This episode of Rev Real Estate School has come to a close. Thank you for tuning in. We'll see you back here for the next lesson.