33 Touch Campaign For Real Estate Agents

New Real Estate Agent Tips: 33 Touch Marketing

33 Touch Campaign For Real Estate Agents

The 33 Touch Campaign is the systematized approach to stay in touch with your database over the course of one year. The concept comes from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller. Keller’s research indicates that people need to hear from you 33 times per year to remember you and for you to stay top of mind.

If you are thinking that 33 times seems like a lot, don’t worry! It’s not nearly as challenging as it seems.

Here is an example 33 Touch Campaign

We have included the Effort level as certain items take time and effort like a phone call and others are easy like an automated market report.

1 = Easy

2 = Some Effort

3 = More Effort and Personalized

33 Touch Campaign Ideas
  • Email Marketing: Monthly Newsletter: 12 Touches

  • Monthly Market Report for Their Area: 12 Touches

  • Annual Real Estate Evaluation: 1 Touch (+1 If you reach out before)

  • One Freebie/Item of Value: 1 Touch

  • Hand Written Note/Birthday/Home Anniversary: 2 Touches

  • Call/Text/Video Email: 2 Touches

  • Event/Event Invite: 2+ Touches

Pro Tip

Using automated methods is great by do not go 3 months without a personal touch (call/text/video email/handwritten note).

Other Ideas

More Events

Monthly Postcards

Monthly Mailed Stats

Run Social Media Ads to Custom Audiences

Investment Seminars

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome to another episode of Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we are talking all about staying in touch with your database and the stats don't lie in this industry. Some of the stats are just hard for us to wrap our heads around but there's something like 90 percent of people at the end of their transaction say they will use their agent again. But in reality I think it's less than 20 percent that actually do. NAR did a study on this so interesting because I think we all have the best of intentions of staying in touch with our database.

[00:00:44] I don't think there's any real estate agents out there that do a transaction and say OK you know what, I'm just out here for this quick deal. I think we all know that this is a relationship based business and we want to continue on with that relationship. But we get busy and we don't know what to say to people. Those are the two things and it's usually not the busy thing. Usually the objection that agents will have is they don't know what to say or they don't know how to connect with their database. So today we are talking about the 33 touch system. We are continuing on with our systems from yesterday and the day before when we were talking about the buyer and seller eight by eight.

[00:01:21] Now we are talking about the 33 touch system. So once they have gone through the eight by eight you move them on to the thirty three touch system again for this episode you can download the freebie and the show notes where you will get the eight by eight for buyers the eight by eight for sellers plus the thirty three touch system that we use. Given the nature of how many people don't follow up with their clients as well as they would like. There is a huge opportunity for new and growing agents to form relationships with these people where their previous agents may be dropping the ball. So let's jump into the 33 three touch system that you can put everybody in your database on so you can stay in touch and make sure that they will use you and they will refer you in the future you'll see in my 33 touch program I have two different things that I differentiate between. I have a personal touch and I also have an automation touch. I want to mix both of these in. If it is all personalization. That's awesome. That's ideal but you won't have much time for anything else if it's all automated then all it takes is a quick unsubscribe and then that person is no longer in touch with you. So you have to make sure that you're using both of these systems and not relying so heavily just on one thing. So if you're just relying on email marketing as an automated way of staying in touch with people great that's a great way that you can stay in touch with people. But one quick unsubscribe because that person receives too many emails from other email providers and you have now started to lose touch with that person. So mix them up understand that not everybody is the same and not everybody wants to be on email marketing campaigns but also not everybody is going to be there to pick up the phone when you call them. So you have to mix and match these. One of my main tips when looking at both personal touches and automated touches is you still need to make sure that you have that personal side of things so never let three months pass without a personal touch. So that's a great rule of thumb. Let your automated campaigns be there to help you stay in touch and to continue to solidify that relationship but never let three months pass without a personal message or some personal reach out to those people in your database.

[00:03:38] So you'll see that as we start to move through the 33 touch that there's always going to be a personal touch that's worked into that and you want to have a core touch that's the other side of this. My core touch is actually e-mail marketing I think e-mail marketing is extremely powerful in real estate for your database and to help continue to build relationships. However I do mix in both the automated e-mail marketing side of things with the personal touches.

[00:04:04] So let's jump into it right off the bat 12 touches will always come from a monthly email newsletter the e-mail newsletter typically has statistics for the city as well as potentially some new listings. And then the most popular blog post of the month. So whatever blog post is getting the most reads or whatever blog posts I honestly think that I'd like to share with people the most. I will provide that within the email marketing campaign. The beautiful thing behind this is it forces me to make sure that I'm doing my market stats. Plus it also forces me to create content or else I don't have any blogs to share. So that's the first touch. It's an automated touch email marketing monthly newsletter. So that's 12 touches once a month over the course of one year is twelve touches.

[00:04:50] Next another automated one is monthly market reports for their area. So anybody who has bought or sold or anybody within my database is very likely on an automated monthly market report for their area. So this is where we're starting to get a little bit more hyper local. So I'll send out my email newsletter a couple of into the month. And then at the end of the month everybody receives their monthly market reports for their area. So right then and there. If you doing monthly market reports plus an email newsletter you have 24 touches already taken care of automated twice a month. They're going to get something from you over email. But again if they are people that do not want to receive a lot of email or they receive too much then it can almost seem like these efforts will go to waste on them and they won't go to waste. It's still it's still very important even if they're not opening your emails or looking at them. They're very likely still seeing it within their email and they're looking at your name they're seeing your name on a bi monthly basis. So I think that that's very very important. But still you need to be able to mix it up. So those are 24 touches. Now let's move into more of the personal touches and then these are scattered so that I'm never going three months without a personal touch. As I said at the beginning.

[00:06:03] So the first one is the annual real estate evaluation. These are extremely powerful. It's a quick I'm not doing adjustments I'm just doing I'm just pulling a few comparables and I'm putting it into a report and I'm mailing it to those people within my database. People love this. It's such an amazing source of referrals because it reminds those people that you are the real estate agent. Plus it takes some time people really really appreciate it. So anybody who's bought or sold through you or even if they haven't even if you're a brand new agent and you do not have any previous clients you can still do this for friends and family and people that are in your sphere of influence. So make sure that you are including annual real estate evaluations as one of your personal touches.

[00:06:45] Next is one freebie or item of value. So every year we'll do some free little gift that we provide to everybody within our database so it's not expensive. One year we did free ice cream cards. We've done free even little notepads and pens and these sort of things. So it's it's small but it is one free item of value that everybody will get. So it's not one big gift it's small enough so that everybody within the database can receive one.

[00:07:12] Next is a handwritten note birthday card or end or home anniversary card. So you do that leads to two touches either one handwritten card and a birthday card or one handwritten card and a home anniversary card however you want to slice and dice it two cards per year that you can send out to each person within your database. And this is personal. So this is a personal item it's not automated you're actually hand writing the card you're saying Happy Home anniversary or whatever you're going to put in your card. Thank you card or congratulations card and you're sending that out to the person next twice a year.

[00:07:50] Next is a call, text, or a video email. So just a quick follow up. Hey how you doing. A text message a call or doing it in video e-mail form. Very very powerful. And this is the one where people typically don't know what to say. But if you've been staying in touch with people using your monthly marketing reports you're using your e-mail newsletters your freebies your handwritten notes you will have stayed in touch with them. There will be things that you can talk about. And if you don't have anything go on their Facebook profile and see what they've been up to recently or send them a quick text message and just say "Hey just checking in" whatever that might be. So two times a year for that.

[00:08:26] Next we do at least one event a year can be a small event photos with Santa. Something like that. And there are actually two touches here because there's the event invite. And then when you see the person at the event. Now the person might not come to the event but that's OK. They still received a personal invite from you. So there's another personal touch right there. So if you add all of these up you have 33 touches between the e-mail monthly newsletter the monthly marketet report for the area the annual real estate evaluation one freebie or item of value to handwritten notes cards birthday cards home anniversary cards to calls texts or e-mails. And then one event invite or see them at the event and or thank them for coming to the event. So it's really not that hard to put this together again.

[00:09:13] Go to the show notes you can download this as well as some other ideas that you can use for your own 33 touch marketing campaign. And again you're going to see that this is all coming down to systems strategy and systems. Put your own spin on it depending on who it is that you have within your database but mix up both automated versions and personal touches. Have a system follow it. And these people will be your clients for life. Now remember if you want to ask a top producer anything all you have to do is rate and review the show and head over to revrealestateschool.com And fill out the form and then from there the top producer will give you a shout and you can talk about anything you would like how they've built their business some struggles that they've had some struggles that you're having and how you can overcome them. Feel free to ask whatever you would like. Thanks again for listening to this episode. And we will catch you in the next lesson.

[00:10:06] This episode of Rev Real Estate School has come to a close Thank you for tuning we will see you back here for the next lesson