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33 Touch Campaign For Real Estate Agents

The 33 Touch Campaign is the systematized approach to stay in touch with your database over the course of one year. The concept comes from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller. Keller’s research indicates that people need to hear from you 33 times per year to remember you and for you to stay top of mind.

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8 x 8 Real Estate Touch Ideas for REALTORs

In real estate, the 8x8 and 33 touch campaigns are used to stay in touch with people in your database. You can use these strategies together. The 8x8 campaign is used when you meet a new person who is entering your database or when someone in your database shows interest in selling or buying. The 33-touch campaign is used to stay in touch with your database throughout the year.

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How To Predict Real Estate Prices

Do you want to know what prices are going to do in your city over the next year? With these tips for real estate agents, you can put yourself in the best position possible to estimate what will happen with real estate prices over the next year. Of course, there are unforeseen circumstances that can impact the real estate market but with these tips you can increase the chances that you will be able to accurately forecast the direction of the market.

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Overcoming the Fear of Rejection in Real Estate

Rejection and real estate go hand in hand. They are almost too good of friends. When you are new in real estate, the rejection can really sting, and it can be a challenge to overcome the fear of rejection. After a new “no’s” and when you see your friend list with another agent, you can become discouraged and worried about the next day of prospecting.

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How To Deal with A Quick Offer in Real Estate

There is nothing better than putting a property on the market and receiving a quick offer. As a real estate agent, you jump for joy knowing that the pricing, marketing, and timing all aligned on this listing. You go to present the offer to the seller knowing that they will be equally as excited to be receiving an offer this quickly and the seller turns to you and says “No, we are too new on the market”

Just like that, your excitement evaporates, and you are trying to find the right things to say to your seller.

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The Best Price Reduction Strategy for Real Estate Agents

Trying to find the best price reduction strategy as a real estate agent can be a challenge. Set yourself up for success with an email template and script to help your chances at securing a price reduction in real estate. Out of all the conversations you have with a client, price reductions can be one of the most challenging. Therefore, know you are not alone if you are shaking when dialing your seller's phone number.

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