Proven Instagram Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Instagram Hacks for Realtors

Instagram Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Instagram is an amazing tool for real estate agents and if used properly it can lead to an endless stream of business. Along with other social media channels, Instagram is a top way to easily stay in touch with your network and build new connections. In this lesson, you will learn 4 quick tips that you can start using right away and there are 5 Instagram tools that will help speed up your success on Instagram.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn quick tips for new real estate agents using Instagram.

5 Tools

  • Later - schedule social posts on Instagram (and other social media platforms)

  • Linktree - great tool for additional links in your bio

  • Boomerang - easy to use tool for creating catchy videos

  • Repost - use other people’s content and give them credit

  • Social Insight - tack your Instagram analytics

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Podcast Transcript

 [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

 [00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today we're talking all about your Instagram game and what you can do on Instagram as a real estate agent to start driving business right away so these are actionable tactics that you can start using on Instagram and at the very end we're also going to go over five different tools that you can use to help improve your abilities with Instagram. So these are tools for tracking analytics and also posting tools. So let's jump in.

 [00:00:43] The first question that typically comes up when we're talking about posting on social media is how often do we post and if you talk to five people you're gonna get five different answers. So what we'll talk about here are just what the studies are saying and they say this sweet spot is between one to two posts per day one to two posts per day. This is something that is achievable and we can all do. Now this is as far as Instagram posts go. This doesn't go into stories when we're talking about stories. I would recommend getting up there around 5 minimum a day and Instagram stories you can put some thought and time into it but I wouldn't recommend that too much off the start. Instead just focus on getting the content out there. So the volume of content out there don't worry about perfecting every single story that you do instead. Even if you're documenting your day. People love to know what's happening in a real estate agents day. For us it just seems like another day but for the public they love knowing what's going on behind the scenes so don't be afraid of documenting your day. It's more important that you're consistently putting the content out there than the content is perfect. Unfortunately if we do come with the mindset of perfection with social media then oftentimes we won't get anything done. No posts will happen or we'll just end up doing maybe one story a day. And this isn't cutting it. So make sure that you're consistent first.

 [00:02:11] Next step is do not sell. So I would not recommend selling too much on Instagram. Now that's not to say you can't post your new listings or you can't post when you sell a property. I still think that that has a lot of value and people do like to see that you're still in real estate. That is one of the important things about social media is we're reminding people that we're in real estate. But if you're always selling your listings and every post is something sales related to real estate you will get on followed very very quickly. So again use Instagram as a storytelling medium each post video or even set of stories that you use are all telling a story. And that's the thing that is going to get a lot of engagement a lot of likes and a lot of people following you is if you're able to tell many stories with your Instagram content but again coming back to that other point is let's not put too much pressure on ourselves to make sure it's perfect and if we're not sure what to post then always default to documenting your day if you're not sure what to post that day. Just document what it is that you're doing that day.

 [00:03:18] Next is hashtags. So hashtags are amazing and they're great for real estate agents because we can get very specific about the hashtags and them being related to local content. So how many hashtags to use you have up to 30 that you can use but some will say if you're putting 30 hashtags into every single post it kind of looks a little spammy. So what the studies say. Ninety one percent of posts by top brands use seven hashtags or fewer. So they're still using a good number of hashtags but they're being very dialed in with the hashtags that they're choosing. If you're a real estate agent you shouldn't make this about your local content. Now you're noticing I'm not saying your local real estate content although you can definitely put in your local real estate hashtag if you have a certain hashtag for your community or your city but you'll also find that a lot of real estate agents will use that same hashtag. So I'd recommend using other local hashtags. And if you're not sure what the local hashtags are for your community go to a local business that you follow on Instagram. Look at a few of their posts and look at their hashtags and then you can just copy those and use those as long as they're applicable. But if you're getting you know even say less than 10 then you're in the same ballpark as a lot of the other top brands out there. It's not coming across as spammy but you're still able to use hashtags for the power of their search ability so people can search that and if it's using the local hashtags then people are searching for it within your community and that's what we want in real estate. That's the power behind hashtags on Instagram.

 [00:04:55] The next tip relates to all different social media platforms as well as just every thing in real estate in general but it's interact so it's not just about putting your content out there. It's about how can you interact with other people's content when you're going through the stories. Are you able to comment on people's stories. Are you able to leave comments on peoples Instagram posts that they're doing. Comments are huge. Comments go a lot further than I like. If you take a second right now and think about the followers that you have on Instagram and just see which followers come to mind. Chances are the people that are following you that are coming to mind right now are those people that have commented on your posts. Not just people that like your posts. They're also people that are commenting on your posts and commenting on your stories. So use that to your advantage. Real estate is all about having conversations with people and social media is a great place to start this. People that are acquaintances people that you used to work with friends of friends. These are conversations that you can start on Instagram simply through commenting on their posts and commenting on their stories so do not miss this opportunity.

 [00:06:04] The final tip before we get into the tools is stop comparing yourself to other people on Instagram. This is such a challenging thing because when we're looking at Instagram we're looking at everyone's highlight reel and I think we all know this. We've heard this a million times that when we're watching people on social media it's their highlight reel. However that doesn't make it any easier. If you're having a rough day and you're going through your Instagram feed you see one of your real estate agent friends that just put three or four properties under contract in one day and you just feel worse about yourself because that same agent might have just been yelled at from a client lost the listing got a flat tire had trouble at home with their spouse who knows but they're not going to post that right. They're just going to post the positive stuff which is great but then when we're comparing ourselves to other people's highlight reels we end up feeling worse about herself. So stop comparing yourself to those on Instagram. I know just saying stop comparing yourself doesn't make it go away but at least be conscious of the fact that when you're seeing somebody stuff come up and you're starting to compare yourself. Just be conscious that this isn't necessarily always the truth. And what is being presented on social media isn't always the way that it actually is. All right let's jump into a few tools that you can download and start using today to help you with Instagram. So these six tools will be in the show notes so you can go there there's links to them and you can download and get to work with them.

 [00:07:25] The first one is Later. So later is a social media scheduling and planning tool. It works great. I believe they have a free option. You can get in there you can start putting in your content and then schedule it to go out at certain times. Next is Linktree. Now this is one of my favorite Instagram tools. What it is is it's a little link that you can drop into your Instagram profile and from there you're able to get a number of other links. Now one of the things with Instagram is you just have the one link that you can have within your profile using link tree. If you have that you can have a number of different links so they click on the link tree link and then it ends up going to learn about us. Look at our listings read our blog. These sort of things. So awesome tool. If you're trying to drive more traffic to your website your blog or get email sign ups. The next tool is Boomerang. This tool is great for creating really nice videos. Quick short videos and you'd basically take the video from your phone and it just creates a very nice appealing video. So it's called Boomerang. Next is a Repost. I love this because it's very easy for you to share. Other users content so you can repost other people's content. I think this is absolutely great. It's basically like a virtual high five for whoever posted that content. Plus it also helps you put content out there if you can't come up with anything that day. You can just use repost and get somebody else's content and go from there. The final one is Social Insight. This one is perfect. If you love analytics and you want to track some of your key metrics within Instagram very powerful for that. So that's all we have. Those are our tips for Instagram and our tools. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram or if you want to send me a note if you want to have a chat feel free to send me a DM. I'm @the.michael.montgomery. Feel free to reach out to me there if you have any questions whatsoever. Thank you very much for listening and we'll see you in the next lesson.

 [00:09:32] This episode of Rev real estate school has come to a close. Thank you for tuning in. We'll see you back here in the next lesson.