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21 Best Real Estate Open House Ideas For Massive Lead Gen

As a real estate agent, open houses can be a great lead generation strategy to increase your real estate sales. You have the opportunity to chat with current and potential home buyers. Through your open house, if set up properly and you invited the neighbors, you can acquire their contact information and become their future real estate agent. Hosting a real estate open house is one of Rev Real Estate School’s top ideas for lead generation, but what are some unique ideas to attract people to your open house? Furthermore, how do we motivate open house attendees to use the sign in sheet and provide their contact information?

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How To Get Leads at Open Houses

As a real estate agent, you need to have a diverse set of lead generation strategies. Open houses can be a gold mine for buyers and sellers, however, most REALTORS do not gather the leads they are hoping for at an open house. They find that buyers can be guarded and not want to give up their information. Well, that might be true, but with these tips, you will be able to increase the chances of getting the guests information and land more leads from your open houses.

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7 Open House Tips to Double Your Income

Open houses can be a top source of leads and business for new and experienced real estate agents. There are are a number of ideas to drive more traffic to your open house and tips to get more leads like home house giveaways. Pair some great open house ideas with a plan and you can double your open house income faster than you can imagine.

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