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Thank You Cards From REALTOR to Client

Thank You Cards Real Estate

Thank you cards are essential for real estate agents. Not only are they one of the simplest marketing touches to send to clients, but they are also a kind gesture that makes people’s day. One of the biggest hurdles for real estate agents when marketing themselves is they do not want to be “pushy”. Although most REALTORs could stand to be quite a bit more forward when asking for business, if you want to use only non-intrusive means of reaching out to prospects, then handwritten notes and thank you cards are your best friend.

In this article, you will learn 5 thank you card samples that you can use today.

The Best Way To Find People To Send Cards To

When I am working with agents on a handwritten card strategy, they all have the same question: “who do I send a thank you note or handwritten card to?”

I get it! When I started to write thank you notes, I was firmly convinced that this way of marketing fit with my style, but I couldn’t think of who to send them to.

The easiest way to determine who to send cards to it to simply look at your calendar over the past few days or weeks.

Look at the places you have been and make a note of the people you met. I can guarantee that after you look at your calendar, you will have a handful of cards to write.

The reason this works so well is almost every event, meeting, or outing can warrant a thank you card.

Using your calendar is just a quick tip to jog your memory.

The Samples

The following samples are unique thank you card strategies. I am not discussing the obvious times for a handwritten note like home anniversaries, birthdays, referrals, etc. Not that these aren’t important, it’s just they are the common times to send thank you cards and handwritten notes.

Also, it can be a challenge to determine if you should include a business card with your handwritten note. In each idea below, I will put my recommendation, but the best thing to do is to have some custom cards made through a website like Vistaprint and have your contact information on the card.

If you need design inspiration, check out the free designs on Canva.

Let’s explore some other ideas!

1) Anyone serves you

Anytime someone is serving you, there is an opportunity for a thank you card. This is a commonly overlooked chance to send a thank you card. Throughout your day, there can be a number of people who serve you: plumber, lawyer, server, barista, car dealer, store owner

For these handwritten cards, I would recommend adding a business card. If they do not know you, they may wish to look you up, so a business card is helpful.


Hi [Name],

Just a quick note to say thank you for the amazing service you provided on [Date]. I really appreciated how you _________.

I’m in a service based business as well (real estate), so great service like you provided really sticks out for me.

Thanks again,

[Your Name]

2) Anyone who has you over

If enter anyone’s house, you have an immediate opportunity to send a thank you card! This works great in real estate because we are in the house selling business, so we get more opportunities than most to enter someone’s house.

In most cases, I would not add a business card to this thank you note. If the person knows you and knows how to get a hold of you, then I don’t feel the need to include a business card.

Your card should be tailored to the reason for you going over, but in general, it could look like this.


Hi [Name]

Thanks so much for having me over on [Date]. It’s always great seeing you and I really enjoyed our chat about _______.

I’m grateful to have you as a friend, client, etc.

Thanks again for having me over and we will catch up again soon!

[Your Name]

3) After a Listing or Buyer Presentation

This is one of the most powerful handwritten cards you can send. Regardless of if you just met the seller/buyer or if you go way back, don’t miss this prime opportunity to send a handwritten note.

The reason this timing is important is the client could be in the process of interviewing other real estate agents. Who is going to stand out if only one of the agents sends a handwritten note.


Hi [Name],

Thanks for the meeting yesterday. [You have a lovely home and _____ and _____ will really help with a sale] Or [It sounds like you have a great handle on your home search criteria, I’m looking forward to chatting with you more about this at your convenience”

Thanks again,

[Your Name]

4) After Not Getting the Listing or Buyer

This is usually the hardest one to send. There are usually higher emotions involved and you could be in the middle of feeling let down. If you want to turn that frown upside down, you can send a quick thank you card.  

It’s important to remember that not every listing sells and if the sellers’ selected REALTOR fails to provide the level of service that they are looking for, you could be next in line.

Plus sending the card will make you feel better.

I do like to include a business card in this note to show my seriousness in staying in touch.


Hi [Name]

Thank you for taking the time to meet and my service.  

Although it didn’t work out this time around, know that I am always happy to help in the future.

Wishing you the best of luck with your sale/purchase.

Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime if you have any questions

Thanks again,

[Your Name]

5) Buyer/Seller waives conditions

This is one of those overlooked opportunities to send a thank a client and congratulate them on their sale or purchase. At this time, the clients can be very excited and it’s a prime for them to refer you to friends and family.

I don’t think it is necessary to provide a business card for this handwritten note.


Hi [Name]

Wow! How exciting is this? I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate you one more time.

This is a very exciting time and I’m very happy for you. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait until you get the keys! The countdown is on.


[Your Name]


There are 5 great examples of when you can send a handwritten note or thank you card. Most people love receiving handwritten cards. When I receive a thank you card, it is displayed at my office for weeks.

Handwritten cards are a fantastic, non-intrusive, touch for your database or to express gratitude when you receive a service or you are invited into one’s home.

Don’t miss these top opportunities to connect with new people and strengthen ties with your contacts.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.


[00:00:12] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. My name is Michael Montgomery. Do you ever sit down to write a thank you note and then your mind just goes totally blank you stare at that piece of paper and you do not know what to write. Today we are talking about five different thank you cards samples that you can write to day.


[00:00:32] Handwritten cards are one of our favorite ways to touch base with those in our database and those that we want to be in our database there non-intrusive. And they just are such a great way of showing gratitude. Often times as real estate agents there's two things that I hear.


[00:00:53] The first thing that I hear is I don't know who to write them to. The second thing is I don't know what to say within them.


[00:01:01] Let's first chat about who to send them to and if you followed any of our other podcasts or videos or anything like that you'll hear the one tip that we use in order to figure out who to send handwritten notes to is just pull up your calendar and go back a few days a week two weeks and look at where you've been wherever you have gone. This is an opportunity for you to send one if not two handwritten notes. Let me explain.


[00:01:26] If you go to a restaurant you can send a handwritten note to the person that you met at the restaurant to the server and to the restaurant as a whole. There's three handwritten cards right there. And those would all be in what we would call thank you form because handwritten cards can be thank you's they can be congratulations, thinking of you, and thank you. These are all opportunities that you can send a handwritten card. So just opening up your calendar will be enough for you to get a few names and a few ideas of people that you want to reach out to. Now if you think that these people do not want to hear from you let me tell you I absolutely love receiving handwritten cards when I receive one. It goes up in my office and it stays there for quite a while. And I think about that person every single time that I walk into my office and I pass that handwritten card. So yes they are very much appreciated. And I don't think I'm that weird maybe I'm a little bit weird but I'm not that weird and I do really enjoy receiving a nice handwritten card whether it's a thank you card congratulations or just thinking of you.


[00:02:33] So don't be afraid of the fact that you think somebody is not going to appreciate the card. They most definitely will. I have never had a card sent back on me yet and I've sent out a lot of handwritten cards. So let's chat about what we should be sending to people.


[00:02:51] I'm not going to get into the standard type of cards that you should be sending. Those would be like happy home anniversary cards. Happy birthday. Thanks for the referral. These sort of things. These are the handwritten cards should definitely be sent anytime there is a home anniversary or somebody sends you referrals should definitely reach out to them should definitely send them a handwritten card.


[00:03:15] But let's look at five ways that you may not have thought about first. Anytime somebody serves you. So anytime that you are receiving a service from somebody that is an opportunity to send a thank you note plumber lawyer server barista car dealer store owner anybody. These are opportunities that you can send a thank you card to. The other question that may come up is well what if that person doesn't know me that's totally fine.


[00:03:47] I receive thank you cards from some people that I don't know I still love them. And the other question is do I put my business card in there for these sort of circumstances when it's somebody who has given you some level of a service. I do recommend dropping your business card in there dropping your business card in there for a somebody within a service industry. They can appreciate it. And oftentimes they might even look you up and it can lead to places that you don't necessarily know.


[00:04:13] Next is anybody that has you over to their house or anytime you set foot in somebodies house you cross that door and you enter into their home. You should send them a thank you card for this one. I would recommend not putting a business card in in with a thank you note unless it was door knocking or was something that was a little bit more business focused.


[00:04:36] Moving right along send a thank you note after a listing or buyer presentation. This one is key and it's oftentimes overlooked. Once you've done your listing presentation the people are going to sit down and they're going to determine who they'd like to use to represent them in their transaction. If they have a handwritten card that comes in the mail that says thank you so much for having me over. I really appreciate it. I hope we get the chance to work together looking forward to hearing from you. Do you think that's going to help your chances? Yes for sure it will same thing with the buyer presentation. Even if that buyers are 100 percent going to use you just sending off a quick thank you card goes a very very long way.


[00:05:21] The next one is when you do not get the listing or you do not get the buyer. If they choose to list with somebody else or if they choose to go use a different real estate agent still send them a thank you card for the opportunity to present to them. Reason being is you never know where these things can go and if they select another real estate agent. If that doesn't work out you definitely want to be next one in line for that for that business. So sending out a quick thank you card. It's difficult sometimes but it goes a long way.


[00:05:55] The next one and the fifth one here is buyer waives conditions. So once the buyers waive their conditions and the contract is firm and now they're moving towards closing this can be a great time to send a card to them. Thank you so much for allowing me to represent you in this transaction it's been so much fun. I'm looking forward to your possession this can be an opportune time because the buyers usually quite excited right at this time they're excited during possession but they're also excited when conditions are removed and this can be a great time for them to let people know because oftentimes they're going into work around this time and being like "Yeah I just bought a house!" And your name can easily come up so it can be a great time to send a thank you note.


[00:06:37] So those are five ways of course there's other ways that you can. You can send a thank you note but think about those five ways anyone who gives you service. Anybody whose house you enter any time you have given a listing or buyer presentation. If you do not get the listing or the buyer and when the buyer removes conditions. Thank you very much for listening to this episode and we will catch you on the next lesson.


[00:07:02] This episode of Rev Real Estate School has come to a close. Thank you for tuning in. We'll see you back here for the next lesson

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