How To Rebrand as A REALTOR® [Plus Our Rebrand]

3 Tips for Rebranding in Real Estate

Realtor Rebranding

Welcome to the Modern Real Estate Radio Rebrand to Rev Real Estate School. This is a super exciting change.

As with any brand, over time, tweaks to the brand can be crucial. Have you seen the very first Pepsi Logo?

Pepsi Rebrand Logo

Crazy changes over the years! And after seeing that one from 1898, I’m glad they did change over time!

Modern Real Estate Radio was solely a podcast. At Rev Real Estate School we are cranking it up a few notches with the podcast as well as further tips and tricks.

With the word “radio” in the title, it limits us to audio, so we thought it was time for a fun change. Plus we just love branding so it was a fun task.

As you may know, Rev Real Estate School is here to help new and growing real estate agents hit 50 deals per year with ease. On the podcast, you will now get short actionable tips and tricks 5 days a week!

Let me know in the comments below about your thoughts on this!

REALTOR® Rebranding

Realtor Branding Funny

Just like our real estate show, sometimes, as a new or growing REALTOR® you may think it’s time for a rebrand or your initial branding. Below are 3 strategies to keep in mind when you are rebranding.

*Note, this is for personal branding. If you are branding yourself as a specialist or farming an area, there is a different framework.

1) Know Your Reason:

As you go through your rebrand as a REALTOR®, know why are you making this change and make sure it is in line with your style or the style you are after. Notice this is not just saying it’s the style you have, it can also be the brand you are after. That is is the beauty of a rebrand, it’s somewhat of a fresh start.

Knowing your reason for the rebrand dovetails with authenticity. If you are not the loud, gregarious REALTOR®, then your branding shouldn’t align with this brand.

Your branding is used to attract customers and keep customers loyal. Using branding that fits with your target client, will increase the likelihood that they will refer you.

2) Differentiation:

Unique Realtor

If there is one thing you do when branding (and in real estate in general) do it with a mindset of differentiation. In today’s world, consumers do demand a high level of service, care, and skill, but this is just the price to play the game. Differentiation is memorable.

As a real estate agent, no matter where you practice, I can bet that your community is competitive and one of the quickest ways to break through the noise is with differentiation.

I know what you are thinking, “I know I need to differentiate, but won’t this alienate some customers”? This is one of those calculated risks. With differentiation, there is a lot more to gain than there is to lose.

Being memorable is enough to get your phone to ring. Of course, you still need to be top notch at your job, but that goes without saying.

Here a few funny examples mixed in with some great real estate branding examples.

Real estate branding funny
Real estate agent bus bench funny
Real Estate Branding Ideas
Top Realtor Branding

3) Explode onto The Scene:

One of the worst things you can do is to launch in a partial way. Just showing off your logo on social media is not a rebrand. That is just a logo.

When you rebrand, make sure everything is dialled in and congruent with each other. You update your social media profiles, website, social handles, logos, and print marketing.

Pro Tip: Do all of your updates later in the evening on a Sunday. That way you can make the big announcement on Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday is a great day for the reveal because this is usually the busiest day on social media.

If you need to know how to set up your domain properly, 301 redirects are best when you are shifting your domain.

The other important factor when doing your rebrand reveal is you will have a lot of eyes on your and increased online traffic. Leverage this and make sure your website is running smoothly.

Explode onto the scene with a bang and make sure everything congruent to nail your rebrand as a REALTOR®.

Full Podcast Transcript:

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to read real estate school podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.


[00:00:10] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. My name is Michael Montgomery and today we are going to discuss rebranding. Now if you haven't heard the show before we used to be modern real estate radio and today is the day that we are launching Rev Real Estate School. So we wanted to jump into a little bit of information why that is and why we made this change from modern real estate radio to rev real estate school. And then you're also going to get three quick tips in order for you to easily rebrand yourself as a real estate agent or if you're a brand new real estate agent you can use these tips in order to put yourself on the fast track to success when it comes to branding. So to kick us off Modern Real Estate Radio and the switch to Rev Real Estate. Why would we do this?


[00:01:05] That's The big question. Oftentimes when we rebrand or when we see companies that we rebrand we do tend to ask ourselves either out loud or even in our heads why . The reason for our rebrand is there is a lot more than we can offer. So the podcast will always being the main hub and where all of our information flows through. But there is so much more than we can offer whether that be in video form or written form and guides and all sorts of other things.


[00:01:44] With the name modern real estate radio you are kind of backed into a corner as far as audio is concerned because it has the word radio in it. So we've shifted to Rev Real Estate School and this rebrand has been done intentionally and mindfully because there is so much more than we are going to be offering here in 2019.


[00:02:10] If you're a podcast lover as I am of course and I'm sure we're all biased towards podcasts do not worry. Actually, if you love podcasts that's great because these podcasts will be coming to you five days a week. So they're going to be short bursts actionable advice for you so that you can get your day started on the right foot. And so that you can grab some actionable advice so that there are these tips and there are things that you can put into place right away. And there will still be our interviews and they'll still be our information sessions. However the majority of the podcasts will be these quick five to 10 minute tips on what you can do in real estate in order to increase your business.


[00:03:04] Rev Real Estate School is designed in order to help new and growing agents reach 50 deals a year with ease. Pretty straightforward.


[00:03:16] It's very much geared towards those that are doing less than say 50 deals a year and want to get up to in and around that mark. Now we do also believe that everybody has their own definition of success. Not everybody wants to be that type of agent that does two hundred and fifty deals a year and not everybody wants to be an agent that does only a handful of deals a year. There's everything in between. However the focus of this podcast is for newer real estate agents and growing real estate agents. I wouldn't necessarily put a year on it. It's more so if you're trying to ramp up to around that 50 deal a year mark this is the place for you.


[00:03:59] So welcome to Rev Real Estate School and I am just pumped for this launch. If you do want to know a little bit more about Rev Real Estate School and some of the changes that were made feel free to head over to And in this episode we're going to talk more about branding and tips around branding so if you want more information about that and to get a little bit more of a full understanding of our rebrand go to


[00:04:32] Now let's talk about real estate agent rebranding. This comes up quite frequently actually and not only with new agents that want to determine how is the best way to brand myself but then also agents that are growing and they've done a few transactions and they see some other agents out there that house are potentially branding themselves with some cool different looks and they think OK. Is there any possible way that this can help my production and the answer to that is twofold. If you're brand new or even if you're a growing agent or if you're an experienced agent there is nothing wrong with working with your brokerage or office branding. Oftentimes these offices have built up brand equity within the community. So when people think of real estate they think of that office brand. So you can leverage that you can piggyback off of branding that has already been done versus starting your own branding from scratch. But then there's the other side of the argument that a lot of the clients that you have are using you for you. Very rarely in this day and age are people calling into an office. Oftentimes they're using you for who you are and regardless of the office that you're associated with. Now that doesn't mean it's not important to be with a good office where you're getting what you require whether that be training support or whatever it is that you are looking for in an office that is still super important. But personally branding yourself is happening whether you like it or not. So even if you're associating with your brokerage branding which is great You're piggybacking on that, you still have an individual brand on who you are. And as this industry becomes more and more competitive being able to differentiate yourself and separate yourself from the competition that's out there can be extremely beneficial. But it is not easy to do so when you are rebranding or starting your branding from scratch. Here are three quick strategies that you can use in order to make your life easier while here doing this and also rebrand or brand like a total pro.


[00:06:53] Number 1: Know the reason for the rebrand. This one seems so obvious but it's not always looked at as carefully as it should be. So when you are making your rebrand if you're switching from your office branding to your own style or even if your style is changing you need to ask yourself why you are doing that. And in doing so it should be congruent with who you are. So that touches on this authenticity piece that if you're a certain type of agent and you operate in a certain way then you're branding should reflect that. This is where it can be really important to sit down or hire a brand specialist for an hour a couple hours just to get some ideas. I know it's another additional cost and if you're newer in the industry this might not be a cost that you want to spend but it can pay dividends for you over the long run because oftentimes with branding this is the part that we just gloss over.


[00:07:47] We say Okay yeah I know what the look is that I'm going for but we don't really take into consideration how important that truly is for our long-term brand. And then the other side of it is if we go down a brand route that maybe isn't the right fit for us for one reason or the other then we have to go through this again in a year's time or a few years time when we go through another rebrand. So no the reasons why you're rebranding and oftentimes it's to differentiate. So getting on to strategy number two after you know your reason and it staying authentic with you is differentiate like crazy. Now we're in a very competitive industry. It's not a struggle for somebody to go out and find another real estate agent. So what is going to give you the edge? Definitely who you are how you conduct yourself and the business that you do will have an impact. The other side of this though is differentiation.


[00:08:49] Number 2: Differentiation. DifferentiationiIs this hugely powerful thing in real estate but it's somewhat scary. It's somewhat scary to go out there and to rock the boat with a different style of branding. If you don't know what hundred percent if that's the route you want to go. But here's the thing. If you want to be successful, then differentiation will help you. It's not required. You don't have to have this wild crazy look in order to be super successful in real estate, but it can definitely give you a boost. So you are not just another Realtor out there. You don't want to be just another Realtor out there you want your branding to set you apart. You want to get noticed.


[00:09:31] On the other side of this is people don't want to be unprofessional, and I do not think you can you should be unprofessional. This can be done in a way that's very professional but also different from what else is out there now in our article here so if you go to I will put some examples of some cool branding done by real estate agents that is different and there are hilarious real estate means out there where you see the funny the funny bus bench.


[00:10:05] The one I can think about right now is a guy. He's on the bus bench, and he says he is number 1 in his community and he's only surveyed by his mother or something like that. So that is you are playing off the funny side of things there, but that's not necessarily the route that you have to go. And there is some amazing branding out there. And oftentimes it can be done with messaging so it can be done with say your slogan your logo these sort of things, and it can also be done just with colors.


[00:10:36] Don't limit yourself into worrying what differentiation can be it can be something different to everybody and it should be. That's the whole point of differentiation. David Brier said that "branding is the art of differentiation" and in a loud, noisy world and in a loud, noisy industry differentiation is key. Another great example of differentiation is Buckley's Cough Syrup. So if you've ever seen these ads there's a guy on the ad and he holding this cough syrup, and he takes he I think he just shows it actually don't even think he's he's consuming it and he says Buckley's Cough Syrup "it tastes awful and it works." So again good humor great differentiation risky play right but it's paid off over and over and over again for them.


[00:11:31] Number 3: Explod onto the Scene. Moving Right along strategy number three when you are doing your brand, or your rebrand tries to explode onto the scene. So don't do the half-assed launch by showing your new logo. Do it with the logo with the name with the slogan and with the Web site. The worst thing you can do is to do the brand and do the rebrand and launch it only to have somebody go to your Web site and there's a bunch of links that don't work and people can't get around or it has that Web site under construction thing from the 90s on there or something like that. Just make sure that when you do the rebrand that you are coming on full on so that's your social media profiles are all dialled in lined up ready to go your content on your Web site. It all has that same cohesive look because when you do launch you will get some pretty good traffic.


[00:12:21] You're going to get some clicks You're going to get some people going to it especially if you're launching it through social media. People are going to click through and want to see your new look. Right? So you're going to get that first traffic during the rebrand or during your branding session. So use that to the best of your ability and make sure when people land on there that they remember your brand. So come on with a bang come onto the scene with everything all dialled in. All online social media profiles website all of that and you will do great.


[00:12:53] So that is it. That is all a quick episode. These will be coming more frequently so like I said at the start of the show five days a week you can expect a short quick episode with some actionable tactics for you to put into place right away. Thanks again for listening and we'll see you back here tomorrow. [00:13:13][19.6]