Should You Have a Real Estate Sales Meeting?

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Should you hold a meeting? Yes or No?

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With new technology tools, real estate agents coming into the office is becoming rarer. For years, sales meetings have been on the decline with low agent turn out. And who can blame them if the content is something they can read in a quick email or if it is just one Realtor telling everyone about his weekend? No thanks!

At Renzo Real Estate in Calgary, we are strong believers in the sales meeting for Realtors. The following is 4 reasons to have a real estate sales meeting.

  1. Connect: Real estate is a nomadic career. You are constantly meeting and chatting with clients, business owners, and members of the public but rarely can you sit down and have a real conversation with your colleagues. Some Realtors don’t meet anyone from their office except at the company Christmas party.  Bringing real estate agents together creates and solidifies bonds. At sales meetings, you allow your agents to connect with each other and build relationships.

  2. Learn new skills: Real estate agents (like anyone) can be victims of cognitive bias and without consistent meetings to learn and expand on our skill set, we may be left reading the same articles and not stretching ourselves mentally. Sure you can send out an email with a new market trend, but who will read it? And for those that do, how much thought will be put into it? At sales meetings, agents can learn new skills with the colleagues and you can leverage great training with role playing (everyone’s favourite).

  3. Change of scenery: Now we love routines, but sometimes you just have to mix it up. Having sales meetings is a change in agent’s environment. Not having a set time to punch in is one of the main draws to real estate as a career, however, this can also be a drawback if you require a little coaxing to get after those nagging tasks.

  4. Energy: Have you ever attended a conference and came back super pumped up to take on the world only to have this energy dissipate after a week? We get it - motivation is fleeting. Use sales meetings as a time to bring up the energy of your team. From the Ninja Training, use sales meetings to bring your team into the high/low positive quadrants. It’s important to note this is a great time to bring up the energy and motivate your office, but this isn’t going to come without a properly planned meeting and high energy in the presenter.

Sales meetings can be a huge asset to a real estate brokerage. But just like land titles can have caveats, so can sales meetings, make sure you start/end on time, you have valuable content, you use high energy, and most of all, let your agents share about their business.

Do you hold or attend a sales meeting on your team or at your brokerage? Let us know in the comments below.

-Michael Montgomery