What is the Real Estate 3-2-1 Habit

The Best Way to Start Your Day in Real Estate

Real Estate Agent 3-2-1 Habit

As a real estate agent, you need to have a plan when you first get into the office. You should be able to start the day in a similar way each day with strategies that set your mindset up for success. The Real Estate 3-2-1 is a simple exercise that you can do every morning when you first get into the office. It will take less than 5 minutes and will leave you feeling happier, more optimistic, healthier, and productive.

In this week’s real estate agent training podcast, you will learn about the Real Estate 3-2-1.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Today, we are talking about something you can do when you get into the office. It will take you five minutes. It's going to make you more productive. It's going to make you healthier happier and help your relationships and all it's going to do is take five minutes. It's called the 3-2-1 and it's called this because there are three tasks and each one of these tasks has a couple of things associated with it. So let's first jump in to the first task.

[00:00:44] The first thing you're going to do is the first task which is three that's three. Gratitude is so Gratitude is something that oftentimes we gloss over and we think that it's not that big of deal. We think it's not going to impact our day and we think it's just kind of hocus pocus and there's not too much value to it. Well let me tell you there have been countless studies done on the benefits of gratitude and on your health on your relationships and on your happiness. For instance Dr. Robert Emmons from the University of California is one of the leading researchers when it comes to gratitude. And one of his more famous studies was when he grouped university students into three different groups and over the course of 10 weeks asked these three different groups to do different things. The first group they were asked to write down something they were grateful for every single week for the 10 weeks. The second group was asked to write down something once a week that was really bugging them. And the third group was asked to write down events that affected them but they weren't necessarily indicated whether those were going to be positive things or if they were negative things. After the ten weeks those that journals about the positive things or the things that they were grateful for not only were they more optimistic but they also felt better about their lives. They were happier people. Also, a really surprising finding that they found of this, was that these people also exercised more and had fewer visits to the doctor. So how amazing is that is just and this was once a week that they were journaling about things that they were grateful for throughout the week. It had this big a positive impact on their lives. And this is something that only takes a few minutes but it can have such a massive impact on setting our minds set up for a good positive day. So the first thing in our 3-2-1 is "3" and that's three gratitude. So when you get into the office and you're doing your three two one you're starting with just three things that you're grateful for.

[00:02:53] Now if you're doing this for a period of time you may find yourself writing very similar things over and over and over again and that's fine. There's nothing wrong with having gratitude focused on a couple of things within your life but try to push yourself a little bit outside of the comfort zone sometimes if you're oftentimes coming back to this very similar gratitude that you have. That doesn't mean don't be grateful for them but also just think beyond the things that are first coming to your mind. So this is basically the second thoughts. So the first thought that comes to your mind you're grateful for these things. That's great. Write them down be proud of them and then as you start to move through this exercise as you go through days of doing it try to push through after the first thought into the second thought and the third thought and see what else you can dig up that you are grateful for.

[00:03:41] Next in the 3-2-1 is number two. So this is two affirmations. So you've done three gratitude. Now you're going to go down you're gonna write two affirmations. Now I recommend these affirmations be quite specific and you write the exact same ones every single day for a year and you are doing more than just writing them. Now you can choose a number of different affirmations that are out there. But what I would recommend when you were talking about real estate is think more so along your GCI or your gross commission income goal that you have for that year. So if your goal is a hundred thousand dollars or if your goal is five thousand dollars or if your goal is a million that's what your affirmation will be. And it will read something like this I enjoy earning X number this year. And the reason why we're doing this is because we really want the affirmation to be focused on real estate. In this case that doesn't mean you're not going to have other affirmations throughout your life. But specifically for your three two one we want it to be real estate focused. We also want it to be repetitive. So we want to repeat this over and over again the exact same thing with gratitude. We're going to be grateful for different things out there but for affirmations we want them to be very very focused and we're going to write them out two times. So let's say that your income goal was one hundred thousand dollars then your affirmation would be I enjoy earning one hundred thousand dollars this year. And then you will write that out again. So you're writing that out twice. That's the two in the 3-2-1.

[00:05:12] Now when you're writing this out you don't just want to mindlessly write it out you can and it still will help but you might as well get the most out of this. So what I'd recommend and what a lot of the studies recommend is that when you're writing out the affirmation when you're just mindlessly writing it out you're not putting a lot of intention behind it. What I'd recommend is write out the affirmation and then pause for a minute and think to yourself who is the type of person that can achieve this. Okay so in doing that you start to question yourself and if you write down let's say your goal is one hundred thousand dollars you would then start to think what type of person would earn one hundred thousand dollars. What are some things that they would be doing on a daily basis to get to that one hundred thousand dollars? Because when you are doing goals and when you are doing affirmations and when you are doing visualization just focusing on a single thing a number doesn't get you as far as focusing on the process. So if you can visualize yourself getting to that number it will have a lot more power. So that's why we do it twice as we write it out once we think about it and we think about what's the type of person that would be like that to achieve that number. And then we write out again and do the exact same thing.

[00:06:33] Now if you look into some of the studies behind affirmations there is pushback on affirmations when people are doing these and they don't actually believe in themselves so if they say something along the lines that I'm a confident person but they don't actually believe that we don't actually believe that they're able to get there then the affirmation can actually backfire. So that is why when you're writing the affirmation you're making it real estate focused with a number then you're taking time to pause and think what is the type of person that could achieve this goal and then you want to act in accordance with that. So that is number two in the 3-2-1.

[00:07:11] Finally number one now this one comes from a real estate background. This comes from The One Thing by Gary Keller. And if you haven't read this book it's a fantastic read. And the concept goes like this is what is one thing that you can do today that will either make the other tasks a lot easier or unnecessary. So in real estate and in any career for that matter there's a lot of things coming our way. There's new programs there's new things to learn. There's prospecting to do. There's listing presentations to prepare for. There are a ton of things to do and that that to do list can just honestly keep going and going and going. If you do not focus on the few things that will make the biggest difference then you can end up spending a whole day and then looking back in the day and wondering what did I do that day. What you're doing with the one so in the three to one is you're writing down one thing that you want to accomplish that day that will have one of the biggest impacts on your career in real estate. So this avoids you focusing on things that probably don't move the needle as much. If you have to either prospect or potentially work on a quick blog you're probably going to want to shoot more towards prospecting because that is what's going to have the bigger impact on your business right now. That's not to say blog is unimportant it's very important but after you've done your one thing. So in the 3-2-1 you are setting yourself up for success for the day and you're putting yourself in a positive mindset right off the bat. So I recommend doing your three to one as soon as you get into the office in the morning you're doing three things that you're grateful for you're doing two affirmations and in-between those affirmations you're thinking about what is the type of person that is able to reach that dollar income goal and then number three is the one thing that you want to accomplish that day. That doesn't mean you only are going to accomplish one thing. Chances are you're going to accomplish a lot of things today but what's the one thing that you need to accomplish today that will have the biggest impact on your career moving forward.

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