Do You Have Passion for Your Career in Real Estate?

Find Your Passion as a Real Estate Agent

Do You Have Passion for Your Career in Real Estate?

Where you instantly drawn to a career in real estate? Did you want to be a real estate agent when you were young and growing up? If so, you are one of very few real estate agents out there. Most REALTORs found there way into the career later on in life. Maybe someone said you would be great in sales or you have a business background, or maybe you caught the entrepreneurial bug or you bought a house and thought, “hey, I can do that!” Either way, most real estate agents find their way into this career later in life and don’t go up dreaming of selling homes.

If that is the case, how to you begin to “find” your passion in real estate? Is it possible to still be passionate about selling real estate even if you have never been excited about homes? Yes!

That is the beauty of real estate, there are so many roles that a real estate agent needs to do in their career and as a real estate agent, you need to always be building your passion in real estate.

Think about other careers out there. There are a ton of jobs that most people think it must be hard to be passionate about, but there are people that absolutely love their work.

It all comes down to one big thing: stop trying to find your passion and build it instead

Stop trying to find your passion and build it instead

We grow up thinking that if we aren’t 100% passionate about something then we are destined to a life of misery. That could not be further from the truth.

I am not passionate about houses, architecture, design, or even sales. These are all integral parts of real estate and it’s not that I dislike these things, I just can’t say I’m passionate about them. But I am passionate about building things, growing businesses, and customer service.

A few years ago, I would have never said I was passionate about these things. If I would have followed my passion, then I would be surfing in the Caribbean and drinking craft beer. Not that there is anything wrong with this but instead of “following” my passion or “finding” my passion, I built it!  

Mike Rowe is quoted saying, “follow the opportunity, and take your passion with you.”

Are you passionate about homes, people, sales, building relationships, marketing, digital marketing, changing people’s lives or even math, statistics, and the news? All of these make up a career in real estate. You won’t be passionate about everything and that is not an invitation to “give up” on that part of real estate, but I’ll be there is something about a career in real estate that you can build your passion around.

Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev Real Estate School. The podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today's world. And now your host Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to another episode of Rev Real Estate School I'm your host Michael Montgomery. Do you want to learn how to become passionate about your real estate career?

[00:00:21] Today we are talking all about passion and how it relates to being a real estate agent. So right off the bat do you think a lot of people grow up in our industry wanting to be real estate agents or do you think that it kind of ends up falling into place with them as they move through life? Yes I'm sure there are people out there that as kids they always grow up wanting to be in real estate and that's awesome. But I think it's also quite rare. I think in general if you look at all the different career choices that are out there and people that are very passionate and the career choices that they have selected it's not like they were passionate about these things from the start.

[00:01:00] Instead of thinking of passion as something that you need to find try to think more of passion as something that you need to build. So that's a huge differentiator in real estate if you know my story. You probably know that I got into this industry and got out in my first year at a lot of that was due to the fact that I didn't think I was passionate about this. I didn't think I was passionate about the subject matter about homes about architecture design sales but what I learned when I got back in is I am passionate about one thing and it is building things it's building a business. I love that element. And real estate lends itself so well to this passion. But this wasn't a passion that I just was born with. It's something that was built through doing real estate and selling homes that I realized how much I really really enjoyed it. So it was built if you listen to the TED talk by Terri Trespicio and I'm not doing her name any favours I will link it up in the show notes it's great it's all about passion and she says that passion is not a plan. Passion is a feeling and feelings change. She says that living your life will lead to passion but this doesn't happen without trying things.

[00:02:13] Here's one of the most beautiful things about real estate is regardless of what your passions are what passion that it is you are building. Real estate lends itself so well to different passions that are out there. So like I said mine is building businesses. That's awesome because real estate is perfect for that but there is a number of other things and there's one of the most common passions out there that you'll hear is my passion is helping other people. And that's great. I think that in order to do well in real estate you definitely need to have some element of this. And if that is your passion. Awesome. That is great because real estate is perfect for that you are helping people.

[00:02:52] So as you're starting to go through your real estate career and if you think to yourself. I don't know if I'm too passionate about say homes or design or architecture sales or these sort of things. That's OK that's OK because there's a lot of elements to real estate that don't involve those things and even when you go out there and if you were to have a different career choice in life there are elements of that job that might not be so much fun but it's not about being 100 percent passionate about everything. I think we're doing ourselves a disservice if we think what we need to do is go out there and find exactly what it is that we need to do for the rest of our life.

[00:03:26] We need to be passionate about it as we start to move through life and as we start to move through our careers we become passion about the things that we do as we start to become more successful as we start to understand the more we become more passionate about them. So coming back to the fact that what it is you wanted to do when you were a kid whether it was a firefighter or an astronaut or something like that chances are it probably wasn't a real estate agent but does that mean that you can't have a very fulfilling and very passionate career as a real estate agent. Not at all. It just means that you need to build your passion throughout your career so don't be so focused on going out there and finding your passion instead try different things look at real estate in a different light.

[00:04:10] There are real estate agents that I know very very well that love real estate they love helping people but their true passions are their hobbies. But real estate is a vehicle to help them do their hobbies. They're able to take a little bit of time off here and there to focus more on their hobbies. It's able to provide them with the financial resources that they require in order to do their hobbies. So it's not always just about being very passionate about everything that you do throughout your day. It's about building your passion as you start to move through life and also understanding that that's probably going to change as time goes on and that is totally fine.

[00:04:47] So to recap stop trying to find the passion and stop trying to find passion within real estate and instead just build your passion out of real estate whether that be the homes the architecture of the actual product itself the process of selling the helping people the building the business the marketing whatever that might be. You can start to build passion through real estate. That's one of the most powerful things of this career.

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