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How To Quickly Get Clients in Real Estate

It doesn’t matter if you are a new real estate agent or an experienced REALTOR, everyone will hit that point when they say “SOS, I need a deal now.” In real estate, the sales cycle is usually 90 days. Therefore, the prospecting and action you take now will benefit you in 90 days. This sales cycle is one of the great challenges for new real estate agents, especially if you are familiar with quick sales cycles. SOS, I all about needing to sell a home fast. At this point, we are still mindful of the 90 day cycle, however, the approach is much more direct and with time constraints.

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33 Touch Campaign For Real Estate Agents

The 33 Touch Campaign is the systematized approach to stay in touch with your database over the course of one year. The concept comes from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller. Keller’s research indicates that people need to hear from you 33 times per year to remember you and for you to stay top of mind.

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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you are constantly looking for lead generation tips and tricks to help drive more businesses into your pipeline. When looking at lead generation strategies, the two main sources are Facebook Ads and Google Ads. As a real estate agent, is which advertising platform do you think is more effective: Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

In this post, we are going to decode which lead gen platform is better for REALTORs.

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Newsjacking for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, being featured in the news can be a huge competitive advantage. A news feature is free publicity and advertising for you, and it helps position you as a local expert. Some real estate agents spend years building relationships with journalist and news agencies to be their go-to source for local real estate stories. As a new or growing real estate agent, how can you break into the news without years of experience or strong relationships in the news industry?

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The Most Important Word in Sales

As a real estate agent, we need to understand the power of the words we use. We are constantly having conversations with leads, clients, and other real estate agents, but how effective are we being with the words we are choosing? Did you know, there is one word that has scientifically been proven to dramatically increase your persuasion? In this article, you will learn the one word that you can use in sales that will improve your chances of getting what you wan

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How To Ask For Real Estate Referrals On Facebook

If you are like most real estate agents, chances are you will complete 9 out of every 10 deals from your sphere of influence and many of these people are on Facebook. This may be past clients or referrals from people you know. This is a huge number; ninety percent of your business will come from one source, yet it is one of the items that most real estate agents struggle with.

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Real Estate Lead Follow Up Hack

In today’s world, it can be hard to connect with a real estate leads. Driving leads to sign up on your website can be accomplished with Facebook ads or Google ads, however, converting the lead and starting a conversation with the real estate lead is on you as the agent.                                    

Real estate agents know the importance of “speed to lead” and trying to get to the lead in less than 5 minutes.

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The Best Time to Ask a Seller for a Referral

Knowing how to ask for referrals in real estate is imperative. For most real estate agents, 9 out of every 10 transactions will be from a referral or from a past client. There are two main challenges that most REALTORs face when considering referrals: how to ask for a referral in real estate, and when to ask for a referral.

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8 Top SEO Tips for REALTORs® + The Best Keywords For Agents

Your a real estate agent and you want to rank on the first page of Google, but ranking organically for local SEO seems too challenge, well fear not, search engine optimization for real estate agents doesn’t have to be the hard. It just takes some understanding of SEO for REALTORs® combined with proper content marketing.

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