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B2B Sales in Real Estate

In real estate, agents are quick to have many conversations with potential consumers, however, they forget about business contacts. REALTORs that overlook business to business (B2B) contacts are missing a large potential source of referrals. Just like other business owners, real estate agents can build strong relationships with other business owners in theri city.

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How To Ask For Real Estate Referrals On Facebook

If you are like most real estate agents, chances are you will complete 9 out of every 10 deals from your sphere of influence and many of these people are on Facebook. This may be past clients or referrals from people you know. This is a huge number; ninety percent of your business will come from one source, yet it is one of the items that most real estate agents struggle with.

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The Best Time to Ask a Seller for a Referral

Knowing how to ask for referrals in real estate is imperative. For most real estate agents, 9 out of every 10 transactions will be from a referral or from a past client. There are two main challenges that most REALTORs face when considering referrals: how to ask for a referral in real estate, and when to ask for a referral.

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