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Hacking Real Estate Success with Happiness

In real estate, we are all chasing after the next deal, lead, or agent to hire. It's human nature to have the mindset that having more success in real estate will lead to more happiness. However, what if this is a broken equation and happiness will actually lead to more success?

Shawn Achor demonstrated this with his research at Harvard. As a real estate agent, regardless of where your production is, we need to be finding joy in our careers. Not only will this lead to a more enjoyable life, but studies suggest that we can increase our sales by 37% by changing the way we look at the world. 

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Handling Negative Real Estate Reviews

In real estate, negative reviews are just part of the business. They aren’t fun and they can really sting but they do happen. Avoiding them completely either means you aren’t taking enough challenges with your business or your aren’t asking enough people for reviews. Negative reviews can be an opportunity. You can respond with positive customer service and actually put your business in a better position despite the negative review.

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Selling Real Estate to Analytical Personalities (Blue/High C)

When selling real estate, you need to have an understanding of the 4 personality types. The DiSC test breaks personalities into 4 types: Dominant (Red), Influencer (Yellow), Stead (Green), and Conscientious (Blue). In this podcast, you will be learning how to sell to the Blue personalities or the High C personalities. These are the analytical personalities and the detail oriented people. They can be very slow to make decisions and need all of the information before moving forward.

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Selling Real Estate to Steady Personalities (Green/High S)

When selling real estate, you need to have an understanding of the 4 personality types. The DiSC test breaks personalities into 4 type: Dominant (Red), Influencer (Yellow), Stead (Green), and Conscientious (Blue) . In this podcast, you will be learning how to sell to the Green personalities or the High S personalities. These people dislike conflict and are risk averse. They crave safety and are slow to make decisions. Knowing how to sell to this personality type is very important because there is risk and change when someone is buying or selling a home.

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Selling Real Estate to Influencer Personalities (Yellow/High I)

Selling real estate requires a keen understanding of people and their personalities. The DiSC test breaks personalities into 4 type: Dominant (Red), Influencer (Yellow), Stead (Green), and Conscientious (Blue). Each of these 4 personalities require a different sales approach to win them over in real estate. High I personalities or Yellows are outgoing, enthusiastic, and the life of the party. As a real estate agent, you will need to perfect your small talking skills as they want to know who you are. They are very concerned with likeability and rapport.

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Selling Real Estate to Dominant Personalities (Red/High D)

Selling real estate to dominant personalities takes skill and tact. Dominant personalities are coded with the color Red or known as High Ds in a DiSC personality test. High Ds are risk tolerant, quick to make decision, and they prioritize results and time. In sales, you never want to “tell” a red personality what to do as they will resent the salesperson; furthermore, you want to be first in the door because they will be quick to select an agent on the spot.

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Four Personalities You Need To Know in Real Estate (Colors)

As a real estate agent, you will deal with many different types of people and personalities. Knowing how to sell to each personality type can be a huge advantage as a real estate agent. There are various personality testing mechanisms, but the testing we use is DiSC and associate each 4 personality types with a color. There is D - Driver (Red), I - Influence (Yellow), S - Steadiness (Green), C - Conscientious (Blue).

In this real estate agent training podcast, you will learn about the 4 different personality types.

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Survivorship Bias in Real Estate Agent Training

As a new real estate agent, you want to be successful, you crave that feeling of putting up multiple listings signs every week and a pay cheque waiting for you at the end of every week. As a new REALTOR or growing real estate agent, you listen to the pros at your office, in your market, and in books, podcasts, and blogs throughout the world. You intently listen to their stories thinking that if you do what they did, you will have their success. It’s natural to think that if you if follow their “one trick to ultimate success,” you will be the next in line for this success.

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The ONE Key to Success as a New Real Estate Agent

In real estate there are a few very important things that will lead to a successful career. Often, we can over complicate the process and lose track of what is most important to our success. If you want to continue to grow your business over time, there is one thing that can almost guarantee your success. One trait that if you stick to it will put you in the top percentage of REALTORs before you know it.

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24 Best Books for New Real Estate Agents

As a new real estate agent on the path to success, you need to focus on the right things and read the right books to help you build your business and sell more real estate. Here you will learn the 27 best books for new real estate agents, and they will be organized for you. A long list of the best books for new REALTORs is good, but a list with structure is better.

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4 Quick Steps to Easily Form New Habits as a REALTOR®

As a REALTOR®, you need to have habits in place to give you the best shot at a lifetime of success. Here you will learn four quick tips to help you stick to your goals and habits in real estate. Do you struggle to stick to habits when you have them picked out? Don’t worry; you are not alone. This is a common struggle.

Good news, it doesn’t need to be that way. In this episode, you will quickly learn how to stick to habit with ease.

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