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Affordable real estate coaching

Rev Real Estate School is proud to offer affordable real estate coaching for new and growing REALTORs®. We have all heard the stat that 87% of real estate agents will fail within their first 5 years. How can you break out of this and become a top producing, successful? By working with your personal real estate agent coach.

Affordable Coaching (Prices start at only $97/month for private coaching)

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Watch your real estate business sore to new nights with your real estate mentor helping you grow in the real estate industry with long-term training practices using relationship-based sales training.

The Problem:

As a new or growing real estate agent, you have the potential to become a successful top producer, but the career is damn hard when you don’t have a mentor on your side.

When you look for real estate coaching, you will quickly realize that the prices can add up quickly. If you are starting out as a real estate agent, you should be reinvesting your income into marketing, lead generation, and tools.

As a coaching client at Rev Real Estate, you get one-on-one guidance at a fraction of the cost. Top coaching focused on modern day real estate agents looking to scale their business to 50 deals per year.

Boos your real estate career today with affordable real estate coaching!

Did you know that REALTORs® with a mentor are 5x more likely to succeed in real estate and make

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How can it be so affordable?

You are pairing with an agent that is currently producing. A successful real estate agent who takes on a limited number of coaching clients to help them succeed as a REALTOR® while still producing in their market.

Rev Real Estate School was built to make real estate training and coaching accessible to every agent. Being an online platform, the coaching platform is not subject to the overhead of other programs and coaching is laser-focused on new and growing real estate agents only.

We stay in our lane and do what we are best at, coaching new real estate agents on the journey to 50 deals per year.

If you are producing at a level higher than 50 deals per year, there are some highly recommended other coaching groups like Tom Ferry, Tim and Julie Harris, Brian Buffini, and Richard Robbins.

Affordable real estate coaching plan

Mindset and Habits


Geo Farming

Advanced Negotiation


Productivity Training

And so much more…

What you will learn

Business Planning

Relationship Based Selling


Digital Media Marketing

Lead Generation

Buyer Lead Generation

Seller Lead Generation

Buyer and Listing Presentation

Free real estate coaching


The affordable real estate coaching options offered through Rev Real Estate School are much more than training. You form a relationship with your coach as they become your mentor. Depending on the stream that best suits you, your coach is here to guide you through the start-up phase of your real estate career.

The conversations keep you accountable to your goals, and your mentor will be there to see you achieve success as a REALTOR®

Why does success mean to you?

Everyone’s definition of success is different. You may not be after the lifestyle of the top producer in your office or you may be looking to surpass that agent.

Your real estate coach is here to help you along your path to success. Your mentor is training specifically to get you to a production level of 50 deals per year with ease. The result is you can make it to 50 deals per year without sacrificing lifestyle.


Behind the Rev Real Estate School training, you will learn that your coach and mentor will help you increase your dollar per hour so you can enjoy selling real estate without the added stress.

Hard work and accountability will be pillars of driving up your production but it will be at your own pace at the speed that you would like.

The Programs

1. Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is perfect for anyone looking to get a boost in production or learn the foundational skills.
- One Coaching Call Every Month (30 Minutes)
- Monthly Rev Real Estate Coaching Webinar
- Launch Pad Online Training Resources
- Full Agent Action Plan and Guide
- SOS Email When You Need Immediate Help (Limited)

2. Booster

The Booster program is perfect for real estate agents looking to increase their production at a quick rate. This is perfect for brand new real estate agents or growing agents.
- Two Coaching Calls Every Month (30 Minutes Each)
- Monthly Rev Real Estate Coaching Webinar
- Full Suite of Online Training Resources
- Full Agent Action Plan and Guide
- SOS Email When You Need Immediate Help (Priority)

3. Accelerator

The Accelerator coaching program is perfect for growing agents that are looking for a top-notch boost in production.
- Four Coaching Calls Every Month (30 Minutes Each)
- Monthly Rev Real Estate Coaching Webinar
- Full Suite of Online Training Resources
- Full Agent Action Plan and Guide
- SOS Email and Text When You Need Immediate Help (Priority)

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Not quite ready to jump into coaching? No worries, we have lots of free resources for you to continuously learn and build your real estate business.

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